ChatGPT App Now is Avalable to iPhone Users in India: Here’s how to download it


OpenAI unveiled the ChatGPT app for iPhone users earlier this week. Initially launched in the US, the application has now broadened its horizons to over 30 countries, including India. The app is adept at synchronizing web chat histories and supports voice input.

“In advancing our mission, we’re launching the ChatGPT iOS app, a step towards transforming cutting-edge research into practical tools that enrich people’s lives and broaden their accessibility,” stated OpenAI in a blog post.

What can the ChatGPT iOS app do?

The iOS version of the ChatGPT app offers a handy means for users to receive personalized recommendations, gift suggestions, impeccable poetry, and expert feedback swiftly and accurately. By integrating Whisper, OpenAI’s voice recognition system, users can converse with ChatGPT without the need to type each time. OpenAI ensures that Whisper provides “human-level robustness and accuracy” specifically for English, rendering it an efficient and trustworthy feature of the iOS app.

How to download and utilize the app

Go to the app store and search for ChatGPT to download the app. The official app will appear on your screen; you can download it by tapping “get.”

ChatGPT India App

Upon installation, you’ll be prompted to sign in using a Google, Microsoft, or Apple account. Alternatively, you can create a new ChatGPT account. You’ll then need to enter your phone number for OTP verification. Once this is complete, the app is ready to respond to all your queries. The ChatGPT app’s interface mirrors the simplicity of its web version. You can type your queries into the text bar and press enter to receive answers. Besides typing, voice commands can also be used to solicit answers to questions.

ChatGPT App for Android: Coming Soon

OpenAI has also confirmed plans to launch the official ChatGPT app for Android. While a specific timeline for this release has not been shared, it’s anticipated to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.


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