Soon Your Android TV Will Recognize Your Exact Voice

With easy access to courier services for eCommerce portals, ordering an Android TV online and getting it delivered to your doorstep is easy. But, how would it feel if you could...

Sony PS5 Looks Like a Router, a Reverse Oreo and Sauron’s Tower

On Thursday, Sony revealed its super-sleek PlayStation 5 console, and images of the new gaming system spread rapidly to social media. The highly anticipated device on the front and back is...

GrubhubSpurns Uber and Will Merge with Europe’s Just Eat Takeaway

Uber has wasted on a high-profile deal, which would have provided this food delivery business a significant boost that saw a surge of demand during the pandemic. Just Eat Takeaway has...

Quibi adds Chromecast Support for Watching Shows on a Big Screen

There’s a new update in the Quibi streaming service so that streaming should also be supported in television by the use of Google Chromecast. Quibi is the best streaming service having...

Features of Apple iPhone and Smartwatch Promoted in New Marketing Campaign

The tech giant Apple has launched the all-new iPhone and Apple watch new compatibility features and has named it “iPhone + Apple Watch”. This campaign is aimed to reinforce the benefits...

Beware – Android Phones Crippled By Dangerous New Image Shared on Social Media

A text string specially formatted, text-bomb that could be sent to a customer on any messaging platform with such a "content preview" feature put iPhone users in danger last month. The...

Sony Believes in Next Generation Exclusivity While Xbox Differs

It is time for the next generation on console wars to begin. Sony and Microsoft will be locking horns for quite some time now. They both have tricks in their sleeves...

Google Will Factor Page Experience into Search Rankings

Google today announced it plans to introduce "page experience" to the factors it considers while ranking search pages. It would also delete the AMP requirement that stories should be featured on...

Facebook Launches Collab, a Mix-And-Match App for Making Collaboration Videos

With apps like TikTok being sensational, capturing a big market-pie is beating many other competitors competing in the same space as Dubsmash, Thriller, and many more. To compete in the same...

Texas Instruments Makes It Harder to Run Programs on Its Calculators

Provided their program support, the graphing calculators of Texas Instruments have a status as hobbyist instruments, but they have lost some of their claims. For the TI-84 Plus CE and its...

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