WhatsApp Soon to Introduce Four New Features


The messaging app, WhatsApp, continues to enhance the user experience by constantly introducing new features. A recent update now allows users to edit sent messages, according to a report by WABetaInfo. The report also highlights several new features in the pipeline, set to debut in the coming weeks. Here’s a sneak peek into the four upcoming additions to WhatsApp.

Backup Password Reminder

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is rolling out a fresh backup password reminder feature for Android and iOS users. This feature lets users validate their end-to-end encrypted backup password and alter it if inconsistencies arise. Users can pick a personal password or a unique 64-digit encryption key, providing their backups with end-to-end encryption. Notably, neither WhatsApp nor backup service providers (Apple and Google) can decrypt these backups or access the decryption key.

Screen Sharing on Video Calls

An exciting new feature coming to WhatsApp is screen sharing during video calls. A new icon will appear in the call control view, prompting users to commence screen sharing. Once activated, the user’s screen content will be captured and shared with the other party.

The report assures that users will have complete command over this feature. They can terminate screen sharing at any point, even while their screen content is being transmitted during the call. This feature will only be activated with the user’s explicit permission to share their screen content.

Unique Usernames

WhatsApp is currently crafting a username feature, allowing users to choose unique account usernames. Although not visible currently, as it’s still under development, the report states that WhatsApp will soon have a dedicated username section within the Settings > Profile menu.

The advent of usernames on WhatsApp will grant an extra privacy layer to users’ accounts. Rather than merely relying on phone numbers to recognize contacts, users will be able to select a unique and memorable username. This could potentially allow users to connect with others by just inputting a username in the app, bypassing the need to know their phone numbers.

New Settings Page

WhatsApp, now owned by Meta, is working on revamping the Settings interface for its Android app. This feature, still in the developmental stage, is yet to be available for beta testing.

The redesigned interface will introduce three new profile shortcuts: Profile, Privacy, and Contacts. These shortcuts aim to reduce scrolling for WhatsApp users looking to access these options. Additionally, WhatsApp plans to incorporate shortcuts for starred messages and linked devices into the app settings.


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