Soon Your Android TV Will Recognize Your Exact Voice


With easy access to courier services for eCommerce portals, ordering an Android TV online and getting it delivered to your doorstep is easy. But, how would it feel if you could get your hands on an Android TV that could recognize your voice and respond to your commands. We live in 2020 where almost everything involves smart tech and they all are incorporated in our lives in such a way that it’s now a part of our lives.

We have got smartphones, smart washing machines, air conditioners, smart TV, and even smart home. Now everything you want those devices to do is just a click away. Some of these smart devices are being adopted by more and more people around the globe and those are smartphones and smart TV. Smart TVs are a great way of having all the infotainment sources in one device. Almost all the smart TVs are powered by Android and nowadays Google is developing the UI of those Android TVs more and more interactive and easy to use.

One of the best features these smart TVs have is the voice assistant feature. These voice assistants are not as good as the one we see in our phones; however, Google recently had something to say regarding the voice assistant technology.

Google recently suggested that all the voice assistance features we used to have in our phones may now also be seen in other devices like speakers, smart displays, and even smart televisions. The Google team has discovered a coding algorithm, which can help in recognizing the user’s voice.

This feature will be very helpful in your viewing experience as you can just ask your TV to direct you to your Netflix profile instead of navigating through the UI. We are not sure when we can expect to see these changes in our devices, but once it arrives it’s going to be a hit.

We can’t say for sure what features Google is planning to incorporate in order to make all its devices complete. Google is also preparing Android TV dongle, which can clearly get some help from voice match technology.

When you own a smart TV, chances are that there is going to be more than one user, and being able to differentiate between users’ voices by the device itself will prove to be a lifesaver.

What we all and even you might be wondering is why hasn’t this technology been available sooner; whatever the reason may be, we are happy that at least it will be available to us now.


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