MAC Pro SSD Upgrades Now Available


Upgrading options for Mac Pros are now available for MacBooks in various upgrading kits in 1 Terabytes, 2 Terabytes, 4 Terabytes and 8 Terabytes options. This corresponds to the price range of $600 to $2800 in the USA.

Each of the upgrading kits are equipped with 2 SSD options with an internal storage capacity. This will allow us to upgrade the storage spaces of MacBook on our own or at least with minimal assistance. Until today, each person with a MacBook has to reach Apple stores near them, a genius bar or any of the Apple authorized service providers. Well, this does not work when the nearest centeris not available with the accessories needed. And the loss of warranty of the MacBook has to be considered too.

The drives are very much self-installable. The problem until now was the T2 chip; the person who is authorized with the T2 chip was only able to upgrade the hard disk. The speeds of the upgrading kit would be identical to the previous solid-state drive that comes inbuilt with the system. And if one is using older drives, then it could simply upgrade the reading and writing speeds (which are already on a faster side in MacBook’s). We’ll all of us would agree that the price is on the higher side, but that’s actually a trade-off we need to do to experience the premium quality of Apple products with exceptional customer support.


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