Paytm Introduces UPI SDK: Understanding Its Benefits for Users

Paytm, a significant player in India's payment and financial services sector, has launched the new Paytm UPI SDK. Recognized for popularising QR and mobile payments within the country, Paytm is powered...
DEN Broadband Plans

DEN Broadband Plans – Updated Price, Speed and Review

DEN Broadband is one of the most popular internet service providers, especially in Delhi, Kanpur Faridabad, and Gurgaon. DEN Broadband is a part of DEN Networks Ltd. The company is currently...

Google’s New Assistant Voice Match Feature Seems Kind of Sketchy

There are more than enough options to use your phone to pay for things: you can use your face, fingerprint, passcode, and even your voice. According to media reports, Google has...

Exclusive: Meet AirPods Studio

It has been some time since we have been listening to rumors about upcoming headphones.  AirPods Studio is slated for release later this year. We bring you the latest specifications, which...
watch cartoons online

Best ways to Watch Cartoons Online: Free & Paid [Website List]

No matter how old we get, a cartoon can always bring a smile to our face. We spent most of our childhood watching Tom and Jerry, Doraemon, and many other popular...

Indian Banking System + Mobile Wallets: A Fucked Up Combination

Nowadays, most of the Indian's are doing online transactions using Online Mobile Wallets, PhonePe, PayTM, Google Pay, etc. And it's not because of the COVID-19 pandemic; there is a Digital movement...

Meet Moxie, Your Child’s New Buddy

Moxie is a childhood robot introduced by a startup called Embodied. It is a highly sophisticated social robot that was built with the objective to help kids develop social skills during...

Leaked News Confirms Googles Own Debit Card to Be Launched Soon

Google is up to some new launches this year. The company is reported to launch an inbuilt home innovation to provide better services to its customers - a debit card that...

Facebook Reveals Gaming App to Rival Other Gaming Companies

Just like the top organizations and companies contributing their bit in this COVID-19 situation, Facebook is not left behind. The company has launched a gaming app to allow its millions of...

Microsoft to Launch Surface Earbuds in Next Month, May 6

The software giant Microsoft created a buzz when it revealed the Surface Earbuds in October last year. Although they announced the Earbuds would be launched in December 2019; however, they delayed...

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