Google’s New Assistant Voice Match Feature Seems Kind of Sketchy


There are more than enough options to use your phone to pay for things: you can use your face, fingerprint, passcode, and even your voice. According to media reports, Google has just rolled out a small pilot program that will encourage a few fortunate people to make purchases with nothing but their word. You can make purchases only via the Google Play store and at restaurants, which seems like it might help to restrict accidental purchases.

Unfortunately, if the Voice Match feature is not enabled on your phone, but if you think you might have it, there is a Google Assistant help page that will guide you through the setup process.Google Assistant’s Voice Match functionality, as part of a small pilot program, will now secure purchases made through its voice assistant. A company spokesperson clarified that the feature is new, and is intended to help safe, smart speaker and smart show purchases. It’s currently restricted to digital in-app purchases via Google Play.

Following the instructions on the support page of Google to enable the feature, we only saw the option to allow the existing fingerprint of the assistant or face unlocks methods of security. Other users have reported seeing the Voice Match menu option, but the software froze when they attempted to enable it.

Google has not officially announced this new feature, but the company has confirmed to Android Police that it has formally launched a pilot test. It’s possible that at its now canceled I / O 2020 event, which was set to take place this month, Google would announce it.

If you can get to the set-up screen, take special note of Google’s message ‘Keep in mind’: “People with a similar voice or recording may be able to confirm purchases on devices that you’re logged in.”

Voice assistants generally aren’t that secure. Professionals who deal with confidential client details have been told to shut off their smart speakers while operating from home; employees at Google or Amazon may be listening in on the files, so you won’t have any clue whether or not they are. If it gets stolen, you can always change your credit card and password information, but if you find out someone has listened to you confirmingadult purchases, you can never get back your dignity!


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