Facebook Launches Collab, a Mix-And-Match App for Making Collaboration Videos


With apps like TikTok being sensational, capturing a big market-pie is beating many other competitors competing in the same space as Dubsmash, Thriller, and many more. To compete in the same area, Facebook’s internal R&D, the NPE team has also come up with a new app called ‘Collab’ after launching a new group audio calling app called ‘CatchUp’. With Collab, people can now create videos, watch the video by mixing and matching original videos together with music.

In this app, people can record their own music, discover options to create a composition or ‘Collab.’ Some of the elements are similar to TikTok, such as duets, which also allows controlling who can duet with them. But, in Collab, all videos can be mixed and matched; no creator permission is required, and there’s no restriction.

Collab, for the time being, is only designed to make original music videos, setting it apart from other video making apps. The focus is on music. Now, it does not mean you have to be an expert in music and musical instruments. One can simply take part by hitting a child’s xylophone, pulling tape rolls, or beating a tambourine. Musicians can use the video they made alongside other content to build a ‘collab.’

The collabs need not belong; it can be up to 15 seconds only, as it, not a professional music-making platform -it’s instead for fun and experimentation.

Once the content is created, the user can publish it so that others can watch it or use it for further mixing. But the underlying music cannot be remixed; only the video can be remixed. The collab videos can also be published on other social media platforms. This app uses iOS Share Sheet meaning that it can even export to TikTok. It is a way of capitalizing on the massive network of video creating tools that are constantly emerging due to the growth of TikTok.

Facebook also said that they had been working on the app for the last few months but had to speed up because they wanted to launch it in time when people are indoors because of lockdown all over the world due to COVID-19.

The company also stated that they are working on the areas that need polishing for the best user experience by working on the feedback.

Collab is the latest release from Facebook’s R&D group, NPE Team, which has launched a small handful of apps.


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