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Toyota Revealed Real-Life Tonka Hilux Truck, Childhood dreams come true

Toyota Tonka Hilux Truck

Toyota has finally revealed the Tonka Hilux Truck with some modification of a 2016 SR5 double cab Hilux truck. Toyota Tonka Hilux Truck is just a concept for now with a 2.8L 4-Cylinder turbodiesel engine. The Tonka Hilux…

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Top 5 Luxury Sedans Under $50K, Ride Luxurious

Don’t you love luxurious? $50K may not be luxurious for the billionaires but it’s a fair amount to purchase a powerful & luxurious Sedan. Here I’m going to introduce you with top 5 luxury Sedan under $50K. 2013 BMW…

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Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017: The Electric Car

Chevrolet Bolt EV

People are welcoming Electric cars, from super fast BMW i8 to family Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017 now runs on electricity. Use electricity and save the non-renewable resources for the future and less pollution is the main motive of…

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Honda Civic Si 2017 Revealed with 205HP

Honda Civic Si

The 10th Generation of Civic is here, by Honda. The Honda Civic Si has a 1.5-litter turbocharged petrol engine with whom you can produce 205hp with 260Nm of torque. When we talk about the look, Civic Si looks just…

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Toyota Innova Crysta Review

Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta is just the perfect car for you which is now available in India from Rs 13,98,800 as Ex-showroom price. You can choose between the Petrol and Diesel variant of Innova Crysta. The Diesel variant starts…

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