WhatsApp Unveils Security Center: Here’s what it means for users


WhatsApp has recently rolled out a global Security Center for its users. This handy resource page furnishes information about safety precautions and features of the product that can shield users from unsolicited contact and spam messages.

The WhatsApp Security Center will be available in English along with ten Indian languages, including but not limited to Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Here’s what it means for users

The primary objective of the Security Center is to educate users about the plethora of privacy settings at their disposal on the app and provide guidelines for greater control over their accounts. Two-step verification, scam awareness, and group control are among the many features discussed.

This launch of the Security Center page comes in response to a flurry of reports by users receiving unsolicited calls from unrecognized foreign numbers.

An uptick in international calls and messages to WhatsApp users in India

There has been a recent spike in calls and messages to WhatsApp users in India from unknown international numbers. Disturbingly, job offers from unfamiliar numbers have also been reported, leading to some users being defrauded.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the IT minister, stated that the ministry would formally address this issue with Meta.

Responding to the minister’s concerns, WhatsApp acknowledged the escalation in international scam calls. It declared that its AI and ML systems had been enhanced to identify and curb such fraudulent occurrences swiftly. This enhancement is expected to slash the rate of fraudulent calls by a significant 50%.

A representative from WhatsApp stressed that the company prioritizes user privacy and security and stands in solidarity with the government’s efforts to safeguard its users.

WhatsApp urged its users to proactively block and report any suspicious accounts they may come across, particularly those involving calls or messages from international numbers or unknown sources.

WhatsApp has proactively raised awareness about its security measures among its user base, guiding them on using these features to avert spam calls and messages. WhatsApp recently kick-started the “Stay Safe with WhatsApp” campaign in India, an initiative to enlighten users about the array of safety features the platform offers, such as Two-Step Verification, Block and Report, and Privacy controls.


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