With a 4GB RAM having PC and wondering what games you can run on your PC? Well, in this article I’m going to introduce you to top 10 games which you can play on the PC having 4GB RAM. Playing games on PC has its unique taste or experience, and after checking the 4GB RAM game list by us, you’ll get to know about many games that you can run on your PC.

Previously I was with a 4GB RAM PC with Intel HD Graphics and managed to run all the games that are mentioned below with barely noticeable lag. Recently I moved to 8GB RAM and now I can play Watch Dogs 2 even on Intel HD Graphics.

Without talking much, let’s check what do we have on our game list for 4GB RAM PC.

4GB RAM Game List: Games that you play on the PC with 4GB RAM

4GB RAM is a fair amount of RAM to run the games like Far Cry 3, even Far Cry 4. Not to mention that Far Cry 4 has amazing graphics.

Far Cry 3

4GB RAM game list

Of course, you can play Far Cry 1, 2 on your 4GB RAM PC but Far Cry 3 is worth mentioning. Far Cry 3 is an open-world game with a mysterious storyline. The game requires a minimum of 4GB RAM and you can run it on your PC without noticing lags. But the graphics optimization is recommended to get the best possible experience. If you love the open-world games (I do) as well as actions, Far Cry 3 is one of the great game for you that you can also run on your 4GB RAM having PC.

Far Cry 4

4GB RAM game list

Hard to believe but I have completed Far Cry 4 on my old PC having 4GB RAM. Far Cry 4 is the game that we can count in with best graphics game. Just like the previous version of the game, Far Cry 4 is an open-world game full of action and adventure. The best thing about the game is that in the game you get to choose between which effects the ending result. As well as, the game has many secret ending, you need to be careful while making a decision.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4

4GB RAM game list

COD MW4 is well known for multiplayer. The game has superb maps and just perfect to spend your free times and more. You can easily run MW4 on a PC with 4GB RAM and you can run the game on HQ graphics also. The game is available to play multiplayer as well as single-player. If you choose to play the single player of MW4, it has a fair story, full of action and everyone knows what COD games are like.

PES 2017

4GB RAM game list

Love Soccer/ Football? Well PES 2017 is the latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer which you can easily run and play on a PC with 4GB RAM without noticing any lag. In PES 2017, you can play with the players around the world through the online multiplayer mode, or you can play with your friends using local multiplayer and of course, there is the single-player option available where you can choose to play a league or quick play.

Mafia II

4GB RAM game list

Mafia 2 is an amazing open world classic old action game that you can easily run on a PC with 4GB RAM. There there is also the Mafia I series available which we can also count on 4GB RAM game list, but Mafia II is worth mentioning. The game has a nice story with full of actions but one thing I hated about the game is that after completing the missions you won’t be able to play the game in free mode. Once your mission finishes, the game finishes and if you want to taste the game again, you’ll need to play from the scratch.

Mafia III

Mafia 3 is the sequence of Mafia 2 and it is also an open world game and a different story from the Mafia 1 and 2. The word Mafia itself refers to the action, crime and more and just like that on the game you’ll experience heavy actions and as this is also an open world game with a nice story, you’ll love the game. And the best thing is that we can count Mafia 3 on our 4GB RAM game list.

State of Decay

If you love killing zombies and open world game,┬áState of Decay is the game for you.┬áState of Decay is an open-world game with lots of action, Zombies. The story is simple, you need to kill zombies to survive and complete the missions. You can also camp, and it’s an open-world game, that’s the best thing.

Need For Speed

I think that everyone loves playing NFS, there are many variants of the game available and all can be count on 4GB RAM game list. The NFS Most Wanted is one of the most beautiful games of the series. The game is open world, hence you can’t walk or do anything except driving the car. You can customize the car, unlock new cars by increasing your position and so on.

Just Cause 2

Another open-world game with lots of action, a great story and lots of missions. Yes, we can count Just Cause 2 on our 4GB RAM game list and I have completed the missions of the game playing on my old PC. The game has pretty good graphics with some unique action features. On the game, you can drive cars, planes shot almost anyone. Especially if you love flying and killing bad guys, Just Cause 2 is the game for you.

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is the next series of the game of Just Cause 2. The game has same action feature as the previous version of the game with slightly better graphics and a continuing story (you can play the game even after all the mission completes). The game can be play on a 4GB RAM PC with configuring the graphics options and you’ll not get disappointed by playing the game.

These are top 10 games of our 4GB RAM game list. Below I have also added some bonus games which you might play on your PC with 4GB RAM but it is recommended to add 4GB more RAM to your PC and after that, you’ll be able to run almost all of the game including:

  • GTA V
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Battlefield 1
  • Battlefield 4 (4GB RAM)
  • Prototype 2 (4GB RAM)
  • Sleeping Dogs (4GB RAM)
  • COD Black Ops (4GB RAM)

Of course, we missed some of the great games that we can play on a PC with 4GB RAM. If you like to add any more game to our 4GB RAM game list, feel free to mention it in the comment space below and I’ll be happy to add the game to our list. Also, if you face any issue with installing or playing a game feel free to create a topic on our forum, we’ll be happy to help you there.


  1. Can i run nfs no limits on 4gb ram.. and how many games can i run on my system i have i3 6th generation processor 4 gb ram 710 nvidia graphics card 2 gb?

  2. Assassins creed series uptil Black Flag & Rogue, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Battlefield 3, Call of duty:Black ops 1 & 2, Crysis 3, Wolfenstein:The New order, Skyrim, Far cry Primal,Mad Max. Trust me! These are worth to play


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