Exclusive: Meet AirPods Studio


It has been some time since we have been listening to rumors about upcoming headphones.  AirPods Studio is slated for release later this year. We bring you the latest specifications, which have surfaced online recently.

One of the impressive features of regular AirPods is ear-detection, which senses whether the earphones are in the ear or not;if not, then the song/multimedia is paused. But the new AirPod Studio has tweaked this feature and now will sense whether the earphones are placed on the head or neck. Airpods Studio will play the media when it is placed on the head; when placed on the neck, it would pause the song.

Another fantastic feature about the new “over the head” AirPods is that it will automatically detect the right and left ears and then route the sound channels automatically. Voila! No more wrong sides of the earphones. This is an upgrade from the existing design of the AirPods.

The new AirPod Studio will have features like Active Noise Cancellation along with Transparency Mode. These features will enable the users to change the modes easily for better audio and to reduce the noise from the external environment.

Apple has developed AirPods Studio while keeping in mind the needs of Pro-Users.  When paired with a Mac device or an iPhone, the user will be able to access custom settings like adjusting the frequency. According to some reports by Bloomberg, Apple is also testing magnetic ear pads for bringing in more innovation. It is also reported that the new headphones will be available in two variants: One for professional users and others for fitness enthusiasts. A leaked iOS code revealed that the AirPods Studio would be available in 2 colors. It is expected that the premium model meant for pro-users will be available for $349.


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