Microsoft to Launch Surface Earbuds in Next Month, May 6


The software giant Microsoft created a buzz when it revealed the Surface Earbuds in October last year. Although they announced the Earbuds would be launched in December 2019; however, they delayed it probably to make some improvements. As per a report by WinFuture, a German publication, Microsoft Surface Earbuds will be launched across the globe on May 6.  The report says that new truly wireless earphones will be available in Europe and some other regions in the initial launch. The Surface Earbuds is a competitor of Apple AirPods.

Surface Earbuds

Features of Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Microsoft has claimed the all-new Surface Earbuds is coming with a load of features. Here are the top features of the new audio device.

  • The Surface Earbuds comes with Omnisonic speakers to deliver an excellent acoustic experience. Each of the earbuds has dual microphones that will produce exceptional call quality and voice recognition.
  • Microsoft has claimed that the Surface Earbuds will have a non-stop 8 hours per charge, and with additional charges from the case, it will have up to 24 hours of battery life.
  • The latest wireless earbuds from Microsoft can pair with Android smartphones, Windows 10 computers, and any other platform. They will work with Microsoft Office and are boosted with features like voice dictation. Moreover, they can also translate into 60 languages.
  • With Surface Earbuds, you can manage your day without looking at the screen of your phone. You can leave your phone in the drawer and still make or receive calls.
  • It has a sleek and comfortable design, built-in touch and voice controls, exceptional sound quality for music and calls.

Price of new Microsoft Surface Earbuds

As per the report by WinFuture, the Microsoft Surface earbuds will be priced at $249, which is 199 Euros (Rs. 19,000 approximately).


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