Bug in iPhones, iPads may have allowed hackers to steal data for years


If you check out the latest list of the most popular phones, you will find “Apple” on the top, and it has continuously kept itself at the top. All the credit goes to the management, the technical, marketing, sales, design teams. It must be very sure that the vision, Steve Jobs had in his mind, must have been accomplished. And having a look at the overall success the company has achieved, I think it has set its benchmark and has raised the bar high for its fellow competitors.

iphone bug

The company had recently launched its latest product- I phone 11, and within hours, the offline and online stores got busy with the bookings of it, and since its launch, nearly 12 million I Phone units were sold. Yeah, the company fulfills its promises of providing the latest and unique features, and they come up with new ideas with every launch of a new product. Thus, Apple has made its place in the market and the minds of many technology enthusiasts.

We may have heard from many of the users that unlike other phones, the I Phone does not hang or malfunction, despite its usage. No virus gets encrypted, and the issues with the bugs are too less.

But in 2018, it had been notified and it was evident a malevolent program was taking advantage of the exposure in the Apple iOS mobile operating system, and Apple had recognized this. The liability of iPhones and iPads is in the hands of Apple’s software mail app.

A blank e-mail message will be sent to the victims through the Mail app for verification. It will compel crash and reset, allowing the hackers to steal the data from the device, like photos and contact details.  

The company has designed an action plan to remove this flaw, and every necessary step is being taken. An upgrade in the security is highly expected from the Cyber Security team.

This will surely bring some relief to the affected and the 900 million Apple users.


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