Android 11 Developer Preview 3, Wireless Debugging, New Security Protocol, & More


Most of our developer community prefer to work from their personal space as a living room or bedroom rather than a fully furnished office. For such people, we have come up with a perfect version of the Android 11 Developer preview. It has numerous new features and advantages which enhance the working interest of a developer. Let’s learn about it.

This update comprises of bug fixes and a set of productivity improvements. This update is currently made available for Pixel 2, 3,3a, or 4 devices by manual downloading. If you are already using a developer preview, you will receive an over-the-air update.

The current version includes various bug fixes and new features.

  1. App exit reasons update: We many times face app crash and system kills and is ignorant of the reason for the failure of application or system. Even the data isn’t stored in the memory, and thus it results in more tedious work. With this update, we can presently find the reason for the crash or failure of applications and hence can fix it accordingly. 
  2. GWP: ASn heart analysis: Memory is one of the essential parts of the machine, and its safety is a significant issue. It is a default system that runs for platform binaries and system applications. Now we can use it for our apps as well. 
  3. ADB incremental: Installation of large apps is a tiresome job for many of us. This is a part of a broad set of new tools that would be modified for game building on Android.
  4. Wireless Debugging: With the modifications in many tools. There is an adaptation of a completely changed debugging system for android 11 in this new update.

So, install this version of Android 11 and get ready to experience all these features.


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