Facebook Reveals Gaming App to Rival Other Gaming Companies


Just like the top organizations and companies contributing their bit in this COVID-19 situation, Facebook is not left behind. The company has launched a gaming app to allow its millions of users to spend their quarantine time playing games. Well, the app was slated to be launched in May, but seems like the company has planned an earlier launch to compete with the other online gaming companies. 

Facebook has directly stated that the launch was to indulge its millions of users amid lockdown situation. Other than gaming, the app will allow users to interact live with other gamers, watch live gaming streams and also allow players to share their screen with friends. 

Facebook Gaming App

Though Facebook is one of the top social media platforms, the app is finding it tough to get recognition in the gaming world where apps like Twitch and Youtube are ruling the industry. Users have already seen a separate tab on FB for gaming experience and some not-so-great games onboard. The company decided to launch a separate app for a better and deeper gaming experience.  

Well, the app was designed and tested last year, but the launch was seen this Monday, where the makers made it available for all the Android users by launching it on Google Play. It seems that Apple’s iOS users have to wait for the version to arrive. 

Facebooks gaming app will share common features like live commenting, following live streaming just like twitch and other gaming apps. Something that will be different is live screen sharing and a common group chat feature with Facebook users. The highlighted and most talked about feature is going live on Facebook by broadcasting your phone’s display.

In an interview, Facebook stated, “We have tested the apps in the 18 months test period and seen a huge growth in installations and interactions.” The test was conducted only in a limited part of the market and has seen some great results. 

But, the app certainly has some positives and negatives when compared to other apps like Twitch, which has seen some young population emerging and connecting to the gaming world through the app with much better user experience to offer. But, Twitch is completely a gaming app and does not have any other platform to offer. On the other hand, the gaming app by Facebook has some new features to onboard the young population. The app was designed with people in mind, especially those who do not want to use Facebook but are interested in using the gaming app. 


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