Sony PS5 Looks Like a Router, a Reverse Oreo and Sauron’s Tower


On Thursday, Sony revealed its super-sleek PlayStation 5 console, and images of the new gaming system spread rapidly to social media. The highly anticipated device on the front and back is tall and thin, and white, with blue lights and black accents on the sides. But before gamers get their hands on the PS5, at least they can question the new look.

Sony seems to have taken a big leap in design when it came to the unveiling of the new PS5 with people talking about it all over the internet. People are criticizing, some adoring, and some spreading laughter over the PS5.

Even among the media, as soon as the first photograph surfaced, there was a significant, not to mention immediate, difference of opinion.

Many gamers on Twitter compared the PS5 to web routers and honestly, it’s hard to deny the resemblance.

Others were wondering if the console, like the Nintendo Wii, could be placed on its side instead of being supported on a stand. Sony only displayed upright pictures of the PS5 and its wavy white shell could prevent it from being able to sit flat on its side. People who were pleased with Sony’s ambitious design switch compared the PS5 to a spacecraft also compared one Twitter user.

The PS5 was eventually released but Sony did not disclose the exact release date and how much it would cost all console models. Expect to learn more about the next-gen plans of the company as it approaches the 2020 holiday season.

Many thought that it graded from the most positive to the most negative. Here are a few comments from people:

“I love it. Weird and alien and bizarre,” Henry T. Casey

“I think that’s all right.”-Roland Moore-Colyer, Editor.

“It looks like an art deco lamp made love by a storm-trooper. In fact, I hate it not. “– Brian Westover.

“I think it’s bizarre and kind of ugly.” – Mike Andronico

Whatever the world or team thinks about the new PS, it does not matter much. We think the other way. We don’t mind too much, as we are not particularly concerned about the appearance of the PS5. Consoles needn’t look pretty, as demonstrated by everything from PS3 to Xbox One. They need to play excellent games and it looks like the latest console from Sony will be able to do just that, based on the first big showcase of the PS5.

Once launched, the new PS5 will be available at all offline and online stores. Gear up to place your order and get your hands on the new playstation delivered by ecommerce courier services.


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