Xiaomi launched ’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’ Shoes Powered by Intel


In China, Xiaomi has launched their first pair os smart shoes under their Mijia brand. They named the shoe as ’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” and is powered by Intel. The product is now available in China to purchase for CNY 299 which is approximately US $43.23 and it will be available World-Wide soon.

Xiaomi said that they will start shipping the product from April 15.

The ’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’ by Xiaomi is now up for pre-order in China.

The shoe is featured with heel-piece air cushion, antibacterial, removal insole, scattering heel-piece landing impact and with the spring-back energy.

The Intel Curie model has 32-bit Intel Quark SE SoC which runs for extended periods on a coin-sized battery, has a built-in 6-axis combo sensor with Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone. The shoe comes with 384kB flash memory and 80kB SRAM.

90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear is available in Black, Surf blue, Blac and Pink colors.


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