Apple iPhone 12 Pro Is Reported to Launch with Pro Motion Display and Increased Refresh Rate


Apple has been in the news for a long time now for its upgrades or leaks and the company is again seemed to roll out a new feature to its smartphones, which will now include a ProMotion display with a higher refresh rate for iPhone 12 Pro series. The feature was earlier seen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and One Plus 8 Pro.

It will be right to say that amid the lockdown situation the company is maintaining its pace with other tech organizations. The iPhone 12 Pro 6.7-inch flagship design is pretty much exactly the way users were expecting it to be. Further, users will also get to experience some improvements in the face id and a better version of the camera.

These updates will be integrated into the iPhone 12 series by extending it to 3 tiers with iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Max. Talking about its design, it is pretty much similar to iPad Pro with a futuristic look with thinner bezels, which makes it much larger now with a 6.7-inch display. Well, the company is still working on its design, so the users can experience a few changes once the design and launch are finally out.

Generally, the refresh rate of the iPhone devices was settled to 60 Hz, but with the increasing competition and in order to upgrade to a better version, the new iPhone 12 Pro series will be available with 120 Hz refresh rate, which was seen only in Samsung’s and One Plus’ latest series. With other companies upgrading their devices to better versions, we don’t see Apple lagging behind in providing the best to its millions of users. The improvement was made for a user-friendly and faster experience to shift between the web pages and to provide fast movement while scrolling through the apps.

According to the reports, the improvement to face id feature is to unlock the phone from multiple angles by providing a wider viewing angle. Talking about the improvement in the square camera, which will be 5mm larger in width and length. The company will also be seen testing the light sensor on the bottom right of the camera to improve the appearance of the iPhone 12 Pro. The improvement will involve an advanced version of autofocus and better stabilization with the addition of LIDAR technology.

These are just reports and confirmation is still awaited from the company on whether they are going to name these phones as iPhone 12, 12 Pro, or 12 Max. Users will have to wait for quite a while for their release.


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