Bing Becomes Default Search Engine for ChatGPT by Microsoft


Following its substantial investment in OpenAI, Microsoft has declared that it’s incorporating Bing Search into ChatGPT. Consequently, ChatGPT’s AI-driven responses will now scour data from Bing, including accurate citations, to provide up-to-the-minute answers.

During the Microsoft Build conference, the tech giant announced plans to extend Bing Chat’s integration across Microsoft’s range of copilots.

“We are advancing towards expanding the ways people can engage with search and how developers can leverage our AI platform,” remarked Yusuf Mehdi, Head of Consumer Marketing at Microsoft.

Implications of Bing’s Integration with ChatGPT

Integrating Bing with ChatGPT means users can now receive even more current answers via web access.

“ChatGPT’s answers can now be backed by search and web data, including citations for deeper understanding—all of which can be accessed directly within chat,” Mehdi explained further.

This innovative experience is currently rolling out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and will soon be available for free users. All they need to do is activate a plugin that links Bing with ChatGPT.

Plugins in Bing

In addition, Microsoft and OpenAI have announced the development of AI plugins for the Bing search engine. These plugins will enable developers to create and submit tools that work across various consumer and business platforms, including ChatGPT, Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and Windows Copilot.

Introducing Copilot to Windows 11

Microsoft has also unveiled plans to introduce Windows Copilot, an AI-fueled virtual assistant, to its Windows 11 platform. It will function similarly to the previously announced Copilot in Edge and Microsoft’s suite of Office apps. Windows 11 users can access a chatbot in the sidebar to answer their inquiries.

The Copilot will be integrated within Windows 11 and can be accessed via the taskbar. This feature will start its preview rollout for Windows 11 users in June.


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