Energy Ring App’s Latest Feature Includes Adding Battery Meter Around the Punch Hole Camera of Your Phone


It seems like a war zone is happening between the phone manufacturers with upgrading smartphones. From changing displays and touchscreen technologies to adding multiple cameras and more, manufacturers have been trying these upgrades with new releases by joining hands with various phone companies like Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, oppo, Nokia and the list goes on.

That was a thing of the past where phones were upgraded to provide a bezel-free experience. Now the smartphone manufacturers have decided to join hands with other mobile companies to launch punch-hole features from the very famous Energy Ring app, which earlier supported only Samsung Galaxy S10 with its latest quality. Well, the punch hole camera will increase the screen space, but something to look upon is its camera cutout.

Let’s have a look at where all this started. Earlier, it was iPhone that had launched its latest release iPhone X providing maximum screen space and a small notch at the top left, and this design was then copied by many smartphone companies changing the design and looks of their smartphones. So, the notch idea was seeing as clearly copied from iPhone but what difference we can notice now is the latest news of the Energy Ring app, which will now be upgrading the notch by adding a battery indicator around it. This is something new that we have received from the company.

The upgrade will be seen in 12 new smartphones, including phones from Xiaomi, Honor, One Plus, Redmi, and Samsung’s S20 series.

The makers of Motorola reported that the punch-hole battery feature from the Energy Ring App is a success and has positively cleared the test, which was done on their own in-house phone Motorola Edge+, which is waiting to be released soon this month.

With Energy Ring app slowly spreading its wings from Samsung S10 series to other mobile companies like Oppo and OnePlus, we can indeed confirm more to come up from this smart app. This was just one of their projects, which they were working on from past one year to provide better-customized services to their customers. The latest version of the app is named as ER_GEN_1.9, which will now be available with Motorola Edge phones along with other smartphone companies.

According to the developers, the app will have a very minimal effect on Battery life. Plus the users can choose colours to display the battery life; this looks something new and different from the makers.


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