Now Turn Your Handwritten Notes into Text Documents with Google Lens


Given, you have legible handwriting! Google Lens will be introducing a couple of new features in the coming week. In an announcement, the tech giant told us about the new features. One of them is: “Copy to Computer,” People using Google Lens can now take a picture of their handwritten notes and then select the handwritten text and send the selected text directly to their Google Chrome browser window.

Also, users who are trying their hand at learning new languages can learn them quickly with the help of Google.  Once the user taps the listen button on the Google Lens interface, it will read out the words aloud. This will be very helpful for people when it comes to difficult words in foreign languages. Also, we are told that the new “in-line search” will enable the users to know difficult words they might have never come across. Google Lens will now help you with those words.

If you want to use these new features, then you must have the updated versions of Google Chrome and Google Lens on your smartphones and other devices. Also, the user should be logged in to these devices with the same Google account. When we tested this new feature,  it was not cent percent successful. For the function to be successful, you need to have clear handwriting. This will help people in their daily lives and inevitably make their to-do lists more comfortable to handle. Also, think of a concept from quantum physics that one doesn’t typically understand; information on these concepts will be delivered to the user very quickly.

This feature will be immensely helpful to all the students who will surely be able to turn their handwritten into precious text documents that are easy to share. Google has undoubtedly put its efforts and is on the way to genuinely turning its Google Lens into a magic glass in its quest towards enhancing visual searches every day.


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