How to make your YouTube comment Italics, Bold or Strikethrough


YouTube gives you the option to make your comments Italics, Bold, and Strikethrough. But it’s not very straightforward. To make your comments bolditalics, and strikethrough you need to use specific characters which you can find below, and just copy past according to your needs.

You can use special characters to format your comments. You don’t see any formatting toolbar while typing on YouTube, but you can always use the special characters to format your comments.

Below you’ll find out how to make your YouTube comment Bold, Italics, or Strikethrough.

Make YouTube Comment Bold

To make your YouTube comment bold you just need to type an asterisk (*) or star on both sides of the text. Simply type two asterisks or starts and type the text in between to make the text bold.

Here is an example:

Before bold text *Bold text* after bold text.

You can copy-paste the above line or follow the steps yourself.

Make YouTube Comment Italics

To make your comment italics you just need to use underscore (_) on both sides of the text. Follow the steps that just like you would make your comment bold. Here is an example so you can understand it better:

Before italics _italics words_ after italics.

You can just copy-paste the line above to use on your YouTube comments.

Make YouTube Comment strikethrough

Making your YouTube comment strikethrough is as simple as making it bold or italics. You just need to add a dash (-) on both sides of the text. Here is an example of how you can post a strikethrough comment on YouTube:

Before text -strikethrough text- after strikethrough text

Copy pasting the above text will do the trick.

You can also use all three formats in one comment. To combine all three formats, just use all three steps at once. You can also find an example below for practical use.

This is an example to make your *YouTube comment* bold, 
_italics_, and -strikethrough- at the same time.

You can use a special format to give your YouTube comment more exposure. This is you can make your YouTube comment Italics, Bold or Strikethrough. If you know of any other tips or tricks that apply to YouTube, feel free to mention them in the comment below.


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