Regardless of the advanced technology, we have got many mobile phone brands in the market. There are some brands that are entirely into the electronics sector and are leading as well. To let you know, one of the leading and the most preferred brands in the mobile sector for business use and professional use is Apple. Undoubtedly, the brand is highly costly and is only affordable by a few percent of the market only, rest people generally prefer going for the Android operating system with the cheapest price affordable though. To let you know here we are discussing about the iPhone series that has been recently launched.

Well, we have got iPhone 11 to review and that will speak about its price, specifications, features, and a lot of other information.

You can simply go through the information that is mentioned below, and here we have also put together a few details about this particular device along with its specification, features, price and other relevant data about the product.

Features and Specifications

The device has got small 6.1inch screen that makes the device usage more convenient and useful for sure. However, there are people who are looking for comfortable and a compact device for their daily usage. Dual cameras are a usual one in an apple phone, but iPhone 11 has a third camera that helps with optical zooming, that gives an ample of range and view for sure. Night mode is a next level feature in the device. The cinematic vision is just great. A13 processor makes the device the fastest. Almost 10.5 hours of battery backup is what the device provides. The memory and storage is almost up to 64GB, and you can also increase the storage to a maximum capacity.

Design and Display

We don’t even need an explanation when it comes to design of a smartphone from the Apple brand. The dual camera setup is one thing to consider, however, it looks a bit similar to iPhone XR. It is made of glass and aluminum, with different color variants available. However, there are several shades available in the market for both iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. The camera bump is just another great specs about iPhone 11. The camera area is quite textured matte touch and finish that provides a glossy look on the product. It has got a 6.1inch LCD screen, as it is pretty much similar to iPhone XR, along with other terms such as brightness, color accuracy, and the resolution of course.


Battery life and performance is just great for the starters for sure. However, as every apple phone has got a great battery life and performance, iPhone 11 is nothing less than rest of the iPhone series and devices. As it is of battery life, the device backs up for 10.5 with optimum usage and or more if tried saving the battery. The A12 bionic power actually helps in saving the battery and saves up to 30% to 40% of the battery. The device has also got a loads of new functionalities, and that completely focuses on the performance of the device making it more amazing. You can play the heaviest game like Asphalt 9, on the device and still the phone would be cool and does not heat up that soon.


Well, the price is little high as compared to the other versions of iPhone though, but however, the price is worthy for such a device with all of these features for sure. Of course, you can simply go ahead to buy the device for such a price. The price starts from Rs. 64000 for 64 GB and Rs.70, 000 for 128GB and that comes with all the same features and specifications though packing 4GB of RAM. The device also supports the LTE connectivity, and Bluetooth is also enabled in the particular device for sure.


You can simply buy the device as the price is a lot worth for all of the features. Of course, there are more such features, and pros for iPhone 11. Also, the brand is all set to launch is next device that will range more features but with a little high set price.


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