New State Mobile’s May Update Introduces 90fps Support, Fresh Weapon, Survivor Pass, and More


Krafton has rolled out the May update for New State Mobile, the renowned battle royale game accessible on Android and iOS platforms. This update ushers in various exciting elements, including an enhanced “Bounty Royale” mode, fresh weapon and ammunition improvements, superior graphics, and novel survivor passes.

The fresh update encompasses an invigorating iteration of the favored game mode, “Bounty Royale.”

This revamped mode eliminates AI players, paving the way for a more exhilarating combat experience, and permits up to 32 human players to assemble squads and challenge each other. The mission is to gather data from “Generating Devices” strategically distributed throughout the battlefield or to accomplish missions to accumulate squad points.

In the event of a player’s character’s demise, some of their accumulated data is lost and can be collected by other players. Players are allowed to respawn infinitely following death. Squads that fall short of amassing a specified amount of data are disqualified, and the final surviving squad is crowned as the victor.

“Bounty Royale” is available for an 8-hour window daily from 12:30 pm to 8:30 pm IST.

The update presents a refurbished game mode and discloses superior graphics choices for high-spec devices. Players with devices compatible with 90fps can now opt for high-definition graphics options, promising a boosted visual experience and heightened immersion.

The game introduces a new Light Machine Gun named the “MG5”. This weapon uses 7.62mm ammunition and is accessible on all NEW STATE MOBILE maps. The MG5 can be further amplified by using the “Dedicated Extended Mag,” which expands its ammo capacity from 50 to 100 rounds, albeit at the cost of an increased reload time.

The customization for the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) “SLR” has also been improved to feature “Incendiary Rounds.” These rounds inflict burn damage on enemies for a duration of 6 seconds, hampering their aiming capabilities.

The latest update also heralds the Survivor Pass Vol 19. This past spotlights the GLC faction’s “Blocker” as the protagonist, and players can secure rewards and the Blocker’s character skin by conquering all pass levels. Upgrading to a legacy pass allows players to repurchase the “Imperial Guard Set.”


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