Nubia X launched with Dual Touchscreen, Snapdragon 845, Dual-Lens Camera


Chinese Smartphone Company Nubia has recently launched a fully featured new handset in the market. It is a double screen Smartphone with e-ink display for reading purpose. The Smartphone has made a blast till its launch due to the involvement of these fantastic features. If you are looking for buying the best mid-range with the fast unlocking feature, grab the opportunity by purchasing this incredible handset immediately.

Display: Display is one of the first and foremost features that all most all of us usually looks around while deciding for purchasing a handset. Nubia X has come up with dual screen option where the main screen includes 6.26 inches LCD along with 2280*1080 pixels picture resolution. The other side of the filter consists of a rear OLED panel display of the same size, but the only difference here is that it offers a lower picture resolution than that of the other one, i.e., 1,520*720 pixels. In case if you are interested in viewing the display contents of front screen on the secondary display switch your screen by using AI dual screen switching feature and make your streaming experience even much better.

Camera: Camera is one of another one of the topmost priorities of a large number of people while purchasing a handset. Nubia X is equipped with dual camera module along with 16 MP front cameras along with f/1.8 aperture and 24 MP along with f/1.7 aperture options. If you are a picture lover or a selfie lover, this handset is one of the best opportunities to choose on. You can quickly enhance your photography experience with the involvement of different amazing features like HDR, AI portrait mode, AI scene recognition, and 240 fps slow-motion video recording and a lot more.

Processor: Nubia X is a fast working Smartphone along that includes one of the advanced processors, i.e., Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, that takes is undoubtedly going to make your working experience to a higher level

Fingerprint Scanners: The device is equipped with two fingerprint scanners option placed on both side of the SmartPhones along with their display. The finger scanners involved in the invention are extremely faster and enables you to unlock your Smartphone in just 0.1 seconds that means at the speed of the blink of the eye.

Additional features: Nubia X is a future generation Smartphone working on 2nd generation Snapdragon 845 Chipset processor. One of the main features of this beautiful handset is the presence of eye protection mode on both of the screens.

Battery: Battery backup of this advanced Smartphone is also another reason feature adding more into its success. Nubia X includes 3,800mAh battery backup along with fast charging technology. It means that you now don’t need to wait for more extended hours for charging your Smartphone to full. It will hardly take your hour or more to make it complete. In addition to it, the device also offers you the facility of working with ultra-low power mode as well that means now you can efficiently ride your phone up to three more hours with just 5% battery only.

Price: Nubia has launched this handset with three variants along with three color options as well. The available color options are deep grey, black gold, and sea blue. The deep grey option is slighter less costly than that of the other two. You have to pay about Rs. 35,000 for 6GB RAM and 64 GB option, Rs. 44,000 for 8GB RAM and 128 GB option and Rs. 44,000 for 8GB RAM and 256 GB memory options which are much lesser than that of the amazing features it includes.


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