Samsung Galaxy J7+ Launched with Dual-lens Rear Camera, Bixby

Samsung Galaxy J7+

Samsung is a well-established brand name which is well known for the quality of the products it provides to its customers. Recently Samsung is going to reveal its new smartphone Samsung Galaxy J7+ in India. It is a mid-range smartphone which has an amazing dual-lens rear camera to enhance your experience of taking pictures with it. Also, the looks of this handset are also amazing. It includes a metallic aluminum design which appeals to look the body of this wonderful smartphone unique.

Features of Samsung Galaxy J7

Screen: Samsung Galaxy J7+ is a wonderful handset which includes 5.5 inches full HD Super AMOLED display which enhances your experience to next level. This wonderful handset enables you to view your favorite movies, photos and much more on a larger screen. The display of the Samsung Galaxy J7+ is fully protected with the help of Gorilla Glass which saves your phone from various external environmental factors. Also, the touch of the screen of Samsung Galaxy J7+ is very smooth that allows you to work smoothly on it. It includes a picture resolution of 1920 *1080 pixels so that you could have best picture quality.

Camera: The camera of this wonderful handset is an additional factor which works for enhancing its features more. It includes a 13MP rear camera with dual lenses and f/1.7 aperture which provides you the best picture quality you ever had in this range. It includes a front camera of 5MP with a f/1.9 aperture which provides you best quality selfies. Now, you can easily capture your favorite moments without the need to always carry a still camera with you. The rear camera of this wonderful handset also includes features like autofocus and LED flashlight.

Processor: This new handset from Samsung is powered by 2.4GHz Octa-Core Helio P20 processor provides you the best experience in this price range. It is one of the advanced and latest versions of the processor which tends to provide you very smooth and best experience. This wonderful processor of Samsung Galaxy J7+ fastens up the speed of your handset also make it compatible with various other devices and various software applications.

Android Version: Samsung Galaxy J7+ runs on the latest version of Android i.e. Android version 7.0. This latest version of Samsung J7+ enables this wonderful to remain compatible with a number of latest software applications so that you could get the best results you ever had. Now, you can run various applications on your smartphone without any difficulty. Samsung Galaxy J7+ allows you to run various games and software smoothly on it. Moreover, this latest version of Android also boosted up the speed of your handset and its working processes.

Storage: The storage capacity of any smartphone is must have a capacity which enables you to store your favorite photos, movies, videos, and songs easily on it. Samsung Galaxy J7+ is embedded with 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage capacity. This is enough memory space in which you can easily store a large number of data files, photos, songs, videos and movies etc on it. If still you felt lack of storage capacity and you need to extend the memory of your handset, then you can easily do it with the help of inbuilt storage space allocation for memory storage. This amazing handset of Samsung enables you to expand the memory about 256GB in which you can easily store numerous of your favorite movies also.

Battery: Battery of any electronic device decides its life in which it can stay working without the need of extended electricity support. Samsung Galaxy J7+ includes a removable Li-ion battery of about 3000mAh battery backup. This amount of battery backup is quite enough to remain your handset stay alive for more than an entire day. Now, you don’t need to charge your phone repeatedly throughout the day or to carry power bank so that to make the working processes go on. Just charge your handset once and forget about the problem of repeatedly charging.

Sensors included: Samsung Galaxy J7+ includes various sensors to enhance its working speed. It includes fingerprint sensors and facial recognition scanner for the unlocking the smartphone. These sensors help in preventing the third party accessing of your smartphone and hence enhances the security of your smartphone. These sensors of your smartphone work by reading your fingerprints, and recognize your face, so that to open various locks. If these factors do not match with the provided one, you would not be able to open the required code. It also includes various other sensors like proximity sensor and a light ambient sensor which enhance your experience of working with this amazing handset more.

Other features: This wonderful handset of Samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy J7+ is embedded with various other features like Bixby voice-assistant page. The voice assistant page of Samsung is one of the best features in this category. It enables you to follow various commands based on voice search. Now, you don’t need to open your phone to make a call by pressing various buttons while driving. Just open your contacts by providing the voice command and open up the selected column. This property of Samsung + Galaxy J7+ is very helpful to the blind or other physically handicapped people so that they can easily go through the desired feature.

Price Tag and Availability: It is a mid-range smartphone which was recently successfully launched in China and Thailand. The phone was really a grand success in these countries. Samsung has now decided to launch this phone in India now. With a well-known name and the amazing features, it includes the price tag it contains is very low. It costs about Rs. 25,000 in India. It is one of the most affordable smartphones in this range which is a stronger competitor for Siri. This smartphone will soon be available on various online stores from where you can easily order one for you. You can also buy this smartphone from the various physical stores present all over India.


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