Sony Believes in Next Generation Exclusivity While Xbox Differs


It is time for the next generation on console wars to begin. Sony and Microsoft will be locking horns for quite some time now. They both have tricks in their sleeves and it will be exciting yet again to see how these giants deal with competition as the industry braces for yet another jump in technology and features.

Sony announced an event where it said it would showcase the future of gaming. A top executive also stated that a way to keep the current PS4 users engaged could be to make the upcoming titles for PS5 also compatible with PS4. This strategy is very much similar to Xbox, which proposed that the games for Series X would be compatible with Xbox One too.

The executive also said that Sony is a believer in generations’ concept. And given the efforts that are put into creating and developing a new generation. It is well justified that the more modern generation consoles ought to have features that are exclusive to them and deliver a far greater experience for the users if they upgrade. This statement is directed towards Xbox.

He also stated that games should be developed, keeping in mind that they would fulfill the potential of the new generation consoles. A unique feature, it can be 3D sound, Dual Sense Controller, or SSD, should be something that gives the gamers an experience that can be delivered in the real sense on PS5.

Xbox differs with Sony on this and has announced the gamers who are currently playing on the latest hardware will be able to upgrade to the next-gen games for free as the experience of newer gen is unique and cannot be replicated. ¬†Also, Xbox has been working towards making the transition smoother as look forward to the launch of Halo Infinite. It will work on ‘Smart delivery’ i.e. the software would sense and download the compatible version of the game for the console.

Game saved data and the achievements would be in sync across all devices. In these terms, Xbox appears to be ahead of Sony, who still lacks a precise approach. Sony has reportedly told its PS4 developers that all the games developed and submitted beyond July 13th, should be compatible with PS5. They also asked the developers to keep all the PS4 features intact.

For now, this is just the beginning; it will be more fascinating once the next-gen games are released, although everyone currently in the industry is just dying to have a glimpse of the PS5. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below.


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