Twitter Brings Its New Quote Tweet View to Android and the Web


After initially rolling out the update to iOS users, Twitter has rolled out the quote tweet functionality for iOS and Web users, the company said on Thursday. When you tap or click the word “Retweets” on a tweet, you will be taken to a new tab that lets you look at either of two columns: a column that displays retweets with comments and a column that shows all retweets without comment.

The microblogging site rolled out the feature on May 12 for iOS users. The app helps users to display their quote tweets all in one place.

Don’t miss the Tweets about your Tweet. Now on iOS, you can see Retweets with comments all in one place,” Twitter had said. “There’s now more to the conversation behind the Retweet count. On iOS, tapping into any Tweet, then tapping “Retweets” will show you the Retweets with comments,” it further added.

This is the first new feature that Twitter has recently rolled out to make it easier to follow and monitor the platform’s conversations. The latest threaded chat interface is a great feature, which is available to some iOS and web users. And just yesterday, Twitter started exploring a way to encourage people to filter tweet responses that could help prevent harassment and bullying on the site but have some thorny consequences for tweets from politicians and sharing misleading or false information.

At the start of this year, Twitter had been testing the feature. It was first noticed by app engineer Janne Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) who said the micro-blogging site had been testing the functionality to make it easier for users to access quote tweets. Twitter has made some improvements to the interface and carried out new threaded conversations for picking iOS and web apps. Earlier this week, it also began testing its limit reply feature.


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