5 Best Gaming Monitors for 4K GPUs

Best Gaming Monitors

So, you have assembled the best gaming PC and looking for the best gaming monitor to enhance your overall PC gaming experience. Well, there are a wide variety of gaming monitors available in the market today which deliver you the best of PC gaming experience. Most of the gaming monitors today come with 60Hz refresh rate which is fine for mid-range games, but if you need some of the high-end monitor for improved gaming then ensure buying the gaming monitors that come with 144Hz refresh rate which can redraw the pictures and graphics on screen 144 times faster. Moreover, a 144Hz monitor delivers you smooth imaging experience and faster reaction time, especially if you are considering to use it for gaming. If you are confused in selecting the best monitor for your gaming experience, then here is quick rundown of the 5 Best Gaming Monitor for 4K GPUs, let have a look closely.


This is the first series of gaming monitor by AOC that comes with 144Hz refresh rate. This monitor is typically designed for gamers and it comes with textured grey exterior and red highlight runs through the bottom of the screen that makes give the monitor a status of gaming monitor in the range.

The display of the monitor comes with LED backlit FULL HD with 1ms response time and combined with 144Hz refresh rate that ensure higher fidelity of the graphics and images are motion blur free. it makes use of AMD FreeSync technology that reduces the screen tearing issues with no performance cost. It comes with a variety of ports which includes HDMI port, single Display Port and it uses the VGA and DVI ports along with USB input and four outputs for USB.

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AOC Agon AG271QX

This is another entry by AOC in the gaming monitor and this is the monitor that comes with metal base and black frame and dark red Agon logo at the front. This is the upgrade version of other gaming monitors by AOC that fixes the previous issues. Besides its improved display, the monitor uses the AMD Freesync technology which improvises the image quality and combines a 144Hz refresh rate which prevent motion image blur and allows the monitor to refresh faster. The monitor comes with integrated dual 3W speakers that give you best sound experience while gaming on this monitor.

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q

Asus has offered some of the best gaming monitors for 4K GPUs and ROG Swift is one of the models that come with many great features to make your gaming experience wonderful. This is the best 144Hz Monitor for gaming which can also be overclocked to 165Hz to get the extra edge in FPS or other faster paced games. This is the only gaming monitor in the market which is best for 4K GPUs and also runs faster than other gaming monitor models in the market. The screen size of the monitor is 24” with 2560×1440 WQHD resolution and the offers 1440 resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio which is quite a satisfactory resolution for high end gaming experience. The monitor is equipped with FreeSync and G-Sync technology which eliminates the issues of screen tearing while playing games. Since it uses the G-Sync technology it gives the option to play high end games with tearing issues and the refresh rate is also high which gives you extra edge while playing online games on your PC. The monitor comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports which allow you to connect to the gaming mouse and keyboard to the monitor directly and also you can enjoy other quality of life features with this gaming monitor.


The ZOWIE XL2411 is the cheapest enter in the ZOWEI series by BenQ and this is the monitor that is best 144Hz Monitor for gaming today which can compete fort he high end features of other gaming monitors. The monitor comes with height adjustability feature and other basic things that nearly all gaming monitors comprise. The monitor lets the users to tilt the screen up to 45 degrees so that you can get the comfortable angle for viewing.

Acer Predator XB272 HDR

The Acer Predator gaming Monitor is the impressive model that comes with 4K 144Hz refresh rate and this is the important features for all 4K games. This model also follows the same design concept of its predator series monitors. The monitor features a 24: display with LED backlit with the maximum resolution of 2160p and apart from being the 4K gaming monitor it comes with 144Hz refresh rate which is combined with Nvidia G-Sync technology to resolve the image tearing issues while playing games. It is designed to offer you smoother, sharper and stable gaming experience compared to other 4K gaming monitors. It is likely to deliver refresh rate of 4ms as it is the maximum for IPS panels.


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