4 Best Netflix Alternatives You Can Try for Free

netflix alternative

Tuning into Netflix can be a real pain when your subscription is on the verge of conking out. So just in case you are probing for some Netflix proxies, you have landed in the right place.

What is Netflix?

Netflix Inc. is American, premier shows and movie streaming company. Unequivocally, “first mover advantage” is the major rationale behind this company subjugating the market. Netflix has a myriad of movies and shows to watch from. Not to overlook, the content here is updated from time to time. The oodles of genres being its best quirk, the application is, however, worth a king’s ransom. The access to its contents has to be paid for. No sooner your subscription to the site ends, than your access to the Netflix library fizzles out. Yet one of the reasons for its fame is the DVD mail services proffered by them. Netflix not only authorizes you to procure the DVDs of your pet movies but also provides them on rental basis. Again, the borrower is allowed to keep the DVD for as long as he wants to, with absolute no ‘late-fees’. Undeniably, Netflix is the pioneer in the streaming sector.

However, to relish kindred perks at no additional cost, here are 4 best surrogates of Netflix:


Owned by Screen Media Ventures, Popcornflix is the nirvana place to absolutely mow down your malaise. Carrying a miscellany of genres, this is yet another competitor and destination where one can grab a free access to the movies and TV shows. Popcornflix streams movies for free and also the user requires no registration. This, indeed, puts up a hassle free experience for all the newbies in this precinct. Popcornflix streams movies under 2 divisions, i.e. ‘Popcornflix Kids’ and ‘FrightPix’, which comprise stuff for kids and grownups, respectively. If you are an Android user, I’d also urge you to check out the ShowBox APK; it’s one of my favorite apps for watching movies and TV shows. It’s currently not available in the Play Store, but if you search for the APK file, you’ll easily find it online. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can get “ShowBox for PC” too using an alternative emulation method. The app is quite impressive on the PC platform too, and I never had any problems or lag while streaming


Used ubiquitously, YouTube has over 900 million visitors per month. This platform not only has petite videos and documentaries, but also full length movies. Just type the movie name succeeded by “full movie” and you be acquainted with the list of channels providing your full length movie. YouTube can be accessed not only on PCs and computer systems, but can also be downloaded on Android devices and iOS. The only prerequisite to grab an access here is a Google account, which almost all of us have. Putting it out of the odds, YouTube also legalises one to “upload” content on it and it doesn’t mow down here; content securing a legion of views is also get paid through the authority.


BBC descents, BBC iPlayer is online streaming service to ingress into the virtual world of shows, movies and radio for free of cost. The paramount requisite here is a TV license. Also known as ‘broadcast receiving licence’, a TV licence is an amount required in “some” countries for the receipt of broadcasting and TV shows or movies. However, the TV licence is a once in a lifetime payment; so once you procure it, you have to make no further payments to use BBC iPlayer. Also, iPlayer has a ballooning array of genres and list of TV shows, that anyone would love to bust a gut to procure this service.


Again a pocket savvy one, Vimeo streams unfeign and original movies for free. So next time you want to watch a movie, no need to lose even a dime for it, because Vimeo proffers for nothing. The medley of genres like comedy, romantic, horror, action, etc. charge no penny from the viewer’s pocket. Vimeo can be used on computers, Android devices and iOS as well.

Shout out to these clement services that are not only vanquishing the orthodox outlook to a movie, but also, doing it gratuitously.


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