Does PLDT WiFi Hacker Really Works?


Recently we have discovered that a lot of people are searching for PLDT WiFi hacker tool and a lot of websites are providing the file for free to download and install on your Android phone. But the question is, does PLDT WiFi hacker works?

Here we’ll review the tool as well as provide you with the PLDT WiFi Hacker APK download file so that you can test it for yourself.

If you are from North-East Asia, you might be very much aware of PLDT which widely provides services in the Philippines.

PLDT WiFi Hacker Test

So I asked one of my friend living in Philipines to test the PLDT WiFi hacker tool and let us know if it ever worked or still working.

Before downloading the app from any website, be sure to read our final thoughts on the tool.

First, we have downloaded the PLDT WiFi hacker app on our Android Smartphone. After installing the app on the phone, we tried connecting to a password protected PLDT WiFi network.

We have tested the app on 3 Android smartphones and tried to connect to 3 different networks, but there was no luck.

My friend added that the tool used to work around 1-2 years back when the networks were not well protected.

Download PLDT WiFi Hacker APK Latest File

You can download the APK file of the application directly by clicking the button. Clicking the button will automatically start downloading the application file.

Our Final Thoughts

We can’t say much about the present status of PLDT WiFi hacker. According to our source, it used to work; so it might work for you now or not. But while our test, we found that the tool is not working at present. You can always test the application by yourself, download the PLDT WiFi hacker APK file from above and check it. Also, let us know if the app works for you or not.


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