Facebook is rolling out unfinished version of their website


Facebook’s new Web Interface with the whole new Dark mode is now available for everyone. You might not like it at the very first glance, but you get used to it and when you see the classic Facebook design; it feels old as well as odd.

Today while browsing I found out that Facebook’s Activity log page is still showing the good old Classic Facebook web interface. And the Facebook team knows it, they added a popup saying “This Page hasn’t been designed for the new Facebook.com yet.”

You can also experience this odd feel by visiting Facebook’s Activity log from your Profile screen.

The overall new Web Interface of Facebook looks pretty good and it has become easier to use. With the all-new Dark mode, the new interface is super comfortable to browse at night or low light.

The controls are easy to find, you can even switch to the old Classic Facebook in just a click. All controls can be found on the drop-down menu, know more about it on our post on Facebook’s new Web Interface.


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