Amazon reportedly planning drastic cuts to affiliate commission rates starting next week


Amazon is currently working as one of the leading online platforms that have provided up an earning space for large numbers. It is not only famous for providing online e-commerce services only, but it is a platform where you can easily start up your career as an affiliate marketing. Commissions are being served to each affiliate marketer at every sale made.

Amazon has all set to cut the commissions rates to its affiliate marketing programs. Yes, this is the biggest news of the hour. This means that a cut is going to be made on the revenue that one gets from sales every time a customer lands on the product page or purchases some things using your provided link. The cuts in commissions already have integrated into the schedule from the April 21st. If you are an Amazon customer, the news is going to be great for you as the prices will drop by about 50 percent in all.

The commission cuts are being integrated into different categories. The commission rates have been reduced from 8 percent to 3 percent for home improvement, lawn, garden, pet products, and lawn products, whereas it has been reduced from 6 percent to 3 percent for headphones and beauty products. Moreover, the commission has been cut from about 3 percent to 1 percent for categories like sports, baby products, and grocery, etc.

The changes are going to bring up the drastic change in the world of digital media organizations who are earning a lot of commissions on different products. Despite having such a huge competition in the affiliate marketing industry, Amazon is doing great at this moment for various reasons. But this commission cut will bring the prices to about half.

After the introduction of pandemic COVID-19, various dedicated commerce marketing deals have already been suspended by various leading e-commerce businesses, including Amazon. But if we talk about the standard affiliate program, these commission cuts are going to bring up a drastic change. We are living in the technological era where different digital media companies are relying on affiliate marketing for their revenue. Amazon is currently working as a partner with various digital media companies like BuzzFeed and the New York Times.

If we talk about the overall scores of different news organizations globally, especially those who are doing the same and no news companies, they have done a little bit in the field of online deals and product reviews. As quoted by CNBC, these changes are going to hurt a lot to a large number of people and especially those who are running some Facebook groups dedicated to sharing online deals. These changes are not only going to affect the websites only but will also affect a lot the different e-commerce businesses, YouTube channels, and much more.

The reasons behind the decision are not much clear about yet. The company has declined to comment on the entire scenario, and that is why affiliate marketers across the world have got worried about a lot. Amazon consistently has worked great and has emerged as a necessary assent during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for US businesses. Hiring processes of hundreds and thousands of new workers is in progress to keep up with the demands of warehouses for grocery and package delivery platforms.


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