Netflix is making a bunch of documentaries free to watch on YouTube


Netflix is making a bunch of nature documentaries available on YouTube, free for anyone to watch. Their one of the best nature documentary yet, Our Planet and Babies are available on YouTube to stream for free.

Previously Netflix was allowing teachers to access and stream the documentaries in classroom, but now because the schools are closed, Netflix is bringing those documentaries to YouTube for anyone to access.

On a press release, Netflix added that “Each title also has educational resources available, which can be used by both students and teachers, and we’ll be doing Q&As with some of the creators behind these projects so that students can hear from them firsthand.”

Here is a list of 10 documentaries available for free on YouTube:

  1. 13th
  2. Abstract
  3. Babies
  4. Chasing Coral
  5. Explained
  6. Knock Down the House
  7. Our Planet
  8. Period. End of a Sentence
  9. The White Helmets
  10. Zion

These are the mixed genres documentaries, some are based on nature, social issues, etc.


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