Try this AutoDraw tool by Google, now anyone can be an artist


Do you love to draw? Maybe not, because you draw real bad. But today I’m going to introduce you to an amazing SmartAss tool which can convert your shit drawing into a masterpiece. I ain’t lie, AutoDraw is a recently launched online based drawing tool with whom you can draw whatever you want.

AutoDraw is available to access publically with the internet connection. You don’t need to create an account there or login.

You can access AutoDraw by clicking here and start making your masterpiece. The tool automatically detects what you are trying to draw and suggests them above. You get’s lots of figures to choose between and click on it to appear on the board.


As you can see in the screenshot above, whatever you draw the tool automatically detects wat you are trying to draw and shows the similar and perfect figure. Click on the figure (any figure) shows on top and your junky figure will become perfect, just like shown in the screenshot below.


You can add text to the drawing, you can also resize the figure and change the color of it. There is the pencil available name AutoDraw and one with the only Draw. If you choose the Draw option, it won’t give you any suggestion. Choose AutoDraw option to get a suggestion of the figure while you are drawing.

AutoDraw by Google is the perfect drawing alternative for kids, even if you are not a kid anymore, the tool is always available there for free to use without any restriction or requirement. The only thing you need to access AutoDraw is the Internet.


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