Redmi 3S+ Battery Problem, Not Charging #JustAPieseOfShit


When we talk about the battery performance of Redmi 3S+, it’s just a piece of shit. Recently one of my friend facing a wired issue with his 3S+. Sometimes the phone charges up and sometimes not, we have also tested charging the phone with different charged but didn’t work.

The wired thing is that sometimes the device charges up and sometimes not. The charger of the phone is perfectly fine (we have tested by charging the different device).

Redmi 3S+ is available to purchase from the offline store in India with the price tag of 8,499 INR. The phone has a 3GB of RAM with 8MP rear and 5MP front-facing selfie shooter. The specs and features of the device are great.

I believe that the battery of the phone is damaged and we are going to send it to the service center of Xiaomi & will update the post.


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