As we all know that when it comes to SmartPhones, most of the people will show their interest towards the phone that contains all the features with low price. This is how that most of them will try to find the mobile to purchase. In this case, we are now in the year of 2018, so everyone eagerly waiting to find the new smartphone arriving in the market for the year 2018. Also, when it comes to purchasing, there are very few that they will purchase more than the price of $500.

So, the people who all are highly interested in knowing about the mobile at the price of $300 can have a look at below. We all know that the people might feel difficult to find the mobile phones under their budget. For those seekers, here we are going to listing up the mobile phones that available in the market at reasonable price. Also, this is how the users will expect to purchase it from the market. When it comes to purchasing, you can directly visit the online site as well as selling shops at any time. Let’s have a look at best android phones under $300 to purchase.

Samsung Galaxy J7

If you are a person who is looking for $300 smartphone and you don’t want to spend more than $500 for a mobile phone, then Samsung Galaxy j7 is the major plus for you to choose and purchase it for your daily use. To run your favorite applications along with checking the messages smoothly, then this mobile is the right choice for you.

Camera & storage: When it comes to this mobile device, this will be available in the market at the inch of 5.5 Display. So, the HD clarity along with high-quality images that capture the attention of the users for high time. If you are looking for the camera, the phone has the real camera that deals with 8 megapixels whereas 5-megapixel to capture the moments that whenever you want.

On the other side, the device has enough memory space to store the images and videos that whenever you want. For your information, this device has inbuilt memory storage of 16GB whereas you can expand up to 256GB with the help of SD card at any time.

Processor & Android: If you are looking for the processor, then it is mainly coming up with an octa-core 1.6GHz processor that has 2GB of RAM. On the other side, this android phone is primarily running on the version of 7.0 Nougat OS.

So, whenever you want, you can afford it at just $219.99 at any time. Also, the mobile is available in different colors to purchase. According to your wish, you can make a deal quickly and buy it for further use without causing delay.

Nokia 6

On the other side, people’s favorite Nokia has launched it installment with Nokia 6. So, people who all are looking for the smartphones to purchase under $300, then without going for a second thought, you can make this mobile purchase. When it comes to other costlier mobile phones, it will not lead to any hang that you might experience often.

Slick design & camera: This mobile has the best and stylish quality look which deals with bright diamond cut edges along with attractive polish. If you are looking for display, this phone has laminated display that leads up to 85% color reproduction. With the help of 5.5” full HD display, you can snap attractive pictures and capture good quality videos. Moreover, this device is mainly coming up with a 16MP camera. So, the quality of pictures and videos while capturing will be good at reasonable price.

Storage & Android: By using this device, you can deal with the memory space of 32GB and expand it up to 256GB at any time. Moreover, when it comes to storing the stuff, it will consume reasonable memory. On the other side, the device helps the users to work the device smoothly. For your information, this android device is mainly running on 7.1 Nougat.

Affordable price: When it comes to purchasing this smartphone according to your needs, then you can easily make a purchase at $180 from online itself.  So, people who all are looking forward to purchasing this phone, then you can visit online or offline shops to purchase.

Sony XA1

You can find major fans that they are very much fond of Sony smartphones when it comes to usage. If you are searching for the best quality camera, then sony XA1 takes a spot in front of you often. So, people who are all very much interested in purchasing this mobile phone at an affordable price and best camera quality, this Sony XA1 considered being the best choice for you.

Camera & storage memory: This amazing smartphone mainly deals with great camera feature. For your information, this great Smartphone offers you the 23 Megapixel resolutions in camera.  As per the sources, this phone that majorly considered to be the competitor of mid-tier DSLR cameras.  Also, if you are looking for the camera, it has F2.0 lens that helps to capture the picture even in the low light. On the other hand, this mobile has the internal memory storage of 16GB. However, you can easily expand the memory space up to 256GB with the help of SD card slot.

Battery & processor: This device has MediaTek Helio p20 octa-core 64-bit processor that is majorly dealing with 2.4GHz of speed. When it comes to battery, it has 2,300 mAh. When compared with other devices, this phone has amazing specifications to deal with.

The exciting thing about this device is a high-end camera at affordable price. However, it is also mainly called as a budget phone to purchase at any time. With latest Android, the accesses for the users are very easy at any time. Also, it offers to remove unused apps and bloatware to boost the device speed and release more space.

Moto G plus

As we all know that there is a huge user of Moto devices. However, after the latest edition of the device to the series of the moto, people are very much excited to know about the device and wanted to purchase it. If you are looking for Moto G phone, it mainly packs the punch with the battery standing.

Battery life & camera: For your information, this device has the battery life for all the day. Also, with just 15 minutes of battery charging, the device will allow you to use up to 6 hours from charging. It is considered to be the major highlight of this mobile phone. On the other side, people who all are looking for the camera for taking some good quality stuff pictures, then it has a 12MP camera. The picture quality of the phone is good according to its budget. However, on the other side, the camera is mainly boosted by dual autofocus.

Processor: This smartphone device has 2.0GHz octa-core processor where you can expect some good performance, and it has 2GB of RAM to offer you the better result. For your information, it also mainly helps to run your device smoothly at any time.

If you are looking for the device to purchase, then you can visit online and purchase it at an affordable price at any time for the best usage. However, the camera in this budget is considered to be the major highlight.

Huawei Honor 6X

It is the phone considered to be the next generation phone that offers you the best performance while handling loads of applications by the user. For your information, this phone is quite affordable for the user to purchase at any time. According to the sources, this device has an impressive camera and offers you the amazing quality of picture and videos at a budget price.

Camera Quality: When it comes to camera quality, it provides your device the wide aperture range which leads to focus on depth filed. This thing makes the picture quality on more creativity that kept the background aside as enriching blurred. Honor 6x has the option where you can capture the High definition pictures in both the daylight and lowlights times. To capture the shot at a right moment, it also has 0.3 seconds of ultrafast focus time. It also has the features where you can bring it out the perfect quality of the picture.

Attractive Design & Battery: This slim phone has an amazing look that brings out some energetic feel at the end. If you are looking for design, it has 8.2mm slim body which is mainly made up of frosted material. On the other side, the design of curved glass offers you the amazing look.

When it comes to battery, you can charge up to full and use it for two complete days at full charge. During this two days space, you can take plenty of pictures and capture the videos that you want at any time without any difficulties.


In this current generation, people are very much interested in purchasing the quality and budget phone. When it comes to this kind of phone, you can then deal with LG Q6 at any time. This phone is mainly considered to be the best and affordable phone to purchase from the market. Also, it is the phone that stands in the top of the phones that you can purchase at the price of $300.

Camera display: If you are very much passionate about using the camera for capturing the best quality images at any time, then this phone could be your choice to purchase. This phone comes up with a 5.5-inch display that deals with 18:9 aspect ratio. For selfies, you can handle the picture to capture with 5MP and for better quality pictures from a rear camera that offers you the 13MP camera. It also has the options where you can adjust the lens, automatic mode, and selfie lighting.

Processor & storage memory: This amazing Android 7.1 version phone is mainly boosted up by Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 along with 3GB of RAM. Then the major highlight of this device is memory storage. If you are looking for huge internal storage memory, then this is the phone which will offer you 32GB. On the other side, you can expand the memory space up to 2TB with the help of SD card which is huge in this budget. All you can purchase this device at the affordable price of $180.

Honor 5X

So, whenever the people feel to buy budget mobile device with various features, here always comes the honor series devices. Recently, Honor 5x launched and surprised the users with various features at this affordable budget.

Display and Memory: This phone has a 5.5-inch display that was satisfying the users who all are seeking for big screen display phone at a budget price. While checking the camera quality, you can take some amazing quality of pictures and capture the videos in high quality. On the other side, this phone has satisfying memory storage to install the apps and storing the pictures along with videos. It has the internal memory storage space of 16GB whereas you can expand the memory space of 128GB on your device.

Processor: Honor 5X device is mainly running over Qualcomm 64 bit octa-core processor and mainly functioning with Android 5.1. This thing makes your device to run smoothly without any difficulties. Also, the device that will satisfy the users while playing the games at anytime smoothly.

For the best purchase, this mobile device is available at the price of $210 in the market. For more details, you can have a look at given stuff before the purchase.

Final words

As we all know that there are many people who all are frequently asking for best mobile phones for the year 2018. Here we have listed the mobile phones along with specifications. So, before going to purchase it, you can have a look at above-given stuff on the mobile phones. Hope it will be useful for all the seekers while purchasing it.


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