Moto E4 Plus vs Redmi Note 4: Full Phone Comparison


The Smartphone has been evolving to a  great extent on a regular basis. It is important for every individual to know the features and benefits of a smartphone before buying, as it plays a key role while using the phone on a regular basis.

Moto E4 Plus is one of the top picks for most of the professionals, as it provides a user-friendly interface and known as a reputable brand for a long time now. Xiomi has been a new brand for most of the Indian users, as the brand started selling their smart phones only for a few years now. Xiomi has been successful in offering phones at affordable costs compared to any of its competitors, but it comes with some of the advantages and disadvantages based on the usage.

Some of the important features to know before choosing between Moto E4 Plus and Redmi Note 4


Moto E4 Plus – The Moto E4 Plus comes with 13 Megapixel camera in the rear and 5 Megapixel in the front. The camera has been effective in both day and night with a powerful flash.

Redmi Note 4 – Xiomi always offers a good quality camera compared to any of its competitors, where the rear camera comes with 13 Megapixel and the front with 5 megapixels.

Though the camera has same specifications by the end of the day, but Redmi Note bags the front seat. The redmi Note 4 has an exposure compensation with an ISO control 2.0 and has a fixed focus.

Operating system – The operating system or OS play a key role while accessing applications and features on the phone, as the latest Operating system offers user-friendly and advanced features to use it in a convenient way. Moto E4 Plus offers an advanced operating system compared to Redmi Note 4. Moto E4 Plus offers Android V7.1.1 (nougat) and Redmi Note 4 offers Android V6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

Moto E4 Plus is a recommended option, as it comes with an advanced operating system, which would usually fill with extra and advanced features in an effective way.

RAM or Random Access Memory – The RAM or Random Access Memory can be considered as a temporary space allocated for the phone to use. A higher ram can help you to use the phone in a quicker way and lets you use multiple applications without lags.

Both Moto E4 Plus and Redmi Note 4 offers 3GB RAM, but Redmi Note 4 has been applauded for its performance and gives you a better experience in using the same. It is widely suggested for people to go for Redmi Note 4, as the interface and the performance are comparatively better than Moto E4 Plus.

Size and display resolution – The screen size plays a key role while accessing the phone and while playing media files. It is always better to use higher size phone if you are looking forward to using the phone to play games and to watch videos on a regular basis. A higher screen resolution gives you a good experience while watching HD or high definition videos, as you get to see more colors in a clear way.

Both Redmi Note 4 and Moto E4 plus comes with 5.5 inches of display, but Redmi note 4 has a lot of the offer in terms of display resolution. The Moto E4 has a general screen resolution of HD(720 x 1280  pixels), which is very much capable of providing a decent quality experience while watching an HD movie on the phone, but Redmi Note 4 can provide an excellent experience of watching videos with the help of IPS LCD display (1080 x 1920 pixels). The Redmi Note 4 gives out an option of multitouch and capacitive touch screen.

Storage – Storage plays an important for people to save images, videos, and documents in an effective way. It is important to calculate or check your storage requirement before buying a Smartphone, as an insufficient storage could cost you a lot. Insufficient storage could end up giving low performance and lags, as it would try to use the temporary memory on the phone.

The internal memory of both Redmi Note 4 and Moto E4 Plus comes with 32GB and it can be expanded up to 128GB. The expansion could be a great advantage for people to use it for a long time, as it helps you to install more applications and save more files in an effective way.

Battery – The technology has evolved to a great extent and most of the current generation Smartphone do not provide an option to remove the battery from the phone. The battery is one of the most important aspects of choosing any Smartphone, as it helps you to stay active and to use it for a long time in a single charge. It is very much essential for every individual to look for a phone, which can be used at least for one day without worrying about the usage.

Moto E4 plus takes the front seat in terms of battery and power, as it provides a better quality battery than Redmi Note 4. Moto E4 comes with a 5000mAh battery with quick charging option, but Redmi Note 4 comes with 4100mAh without rapid charging option. The Li-ion battery in Moto E4 plus always better than the Li-polymer battery in Redmi Note 4.

Fingerprint and other sensors – Sensors is the result of new technology, which helps users to perform a particular task in an easy way. There are several sensors available in the Smartphone, which can be used for different purposes. Some of the popular sensors available in current generation phones are finger print sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope.

Redmi note 4 comes with more number of sensors, which can be used for different purposes. Moto E4 plus has limited options in this sector and provides only fingerprint sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor and accelerometer, but Redmi Note 4 comes with extra sensors like compass and gyroscope. The fingerprint sensor can be located on the rear part of the phone on Redmi Note 4, but Moto E4 plus provides the same option on the front side of the phone.

Multimedia – Multimedia features are considered as an important feature for most of the younger generation Smartphone users, as it helps them to watch videos, listen to music and to play games on a regular basis.

The loudspeaker of the phone is quality oriented and provides a clear output in redmi Note 4 compared to moto E4 Plus. The FM radio availability in the Moto E4 plus gives out an extra advantage for users, as there is no default FM radio option in Redmi Note 4.

Chipset and graphics – The chipset and graphics play a key role for people to use it for a longer time without compromising on the quality. The Moto E4 plus comes with MediaTek MT6737 chipset, but Redmi note 4 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 MSM 8953. The graphics are well planned for the Redmi Note 4 based on the configuration, where it comes with Adreno 506, which has been performing well in the market compared to Mali T720 Mp1. The architecture of both the phones is very much same, where it operates less than 64 bit and carries a RAM of 3GB.

The Axiom Redmi Note 4 has been the pick of the day for most of the people, as the configuration is well suited for the chipset and graphics feature.

Build material – The build material of the phone plays an important role for people, who are looking forward to using it roughly. Though both phones come with the similar quality build material, REdmi Note 4 has been applauded for its resistance and shock protection. The redmi Note 4 provides a better quality material without compromising on the thickness levels. The thickness of the Redmi Note 4 is 8.4mm, where as the Moto E4 plus comes with 9.55mm. The Redmi Note 4 weighs around 165 gms, but the Moto E4 plus weighs around 198 gms. The handling of the phone turns out to be good with redmi Note 4, as it weighs lesser than the Moto E4 Plus.

Network connectivity and cost of the phone – Most of the smart phones come with necessary features and option for users to enjoy in terms of networks and connectivity features. Both Moto E4 Plus and REdmi Note 4 have similar features, which are very much compatible with the current generation networks. Moto E4 plus takes the front seat in terms of cost, as it costs around Rs.1000/- lesser in the Indian market.


There are a lot of reputable companies, who are offering smartphones at different costs based on the features. It is very much essential for every individual to understand the phone and its features before going for it, as it plays a major role while using the phone. Some of the important parameters and features can help you choose the best phone without compromising on the cost.


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