5 Best Local Multiplayer Games for Android


Playing games online is the most common activity that we all indulge in for entertainment and fun. Of course, as you already know that games can actually free us from stress and make us a bit relaxed for sure from our daily routine though. However, there are lots of such offline multiplayer games that can be directly played from your mobile devices itself, both android and iOS devices though. Here I’m going to introduce you with 5 best Local Multiplayer Games for Android that are free to download and ready to play.

You can simply take down this list of best local multiplayer games for android that allows multiplayer feature which you can play with your friends and your people in your free time. However, most of these games are simply available in the Google play store itself for free of cost; you can just download and install the games in your android device, and just start playing the game with your other player.

Best Local Multiplayer Games for Android

You can make note of these local multiplayer games for android that is available for a free download on your android device and can be availed from the internet itself.

Asphalt 8

Well, you might have heard about the Asphalt series of games that consists of car racing and winning in different levels. Yes, Asphalt 8 is the recent version of this particular multiplayer game and the players can simply play this particular game with their friends and even other players who are online as well. The player can avail this game in the Google play store in case if you are downloading it for your android device, if you are downloading it for your iOS device then you can get it from Apple App store for free. The game has a lot of features that you must not miss at any cost.


This is another multiplayer game that can be played by the main player and other online players available online though. This adds more entertainment when playing in the multiplayer mode for sure. You can connect with other players wirelessly and just right from the server. However, this particular game demands all the multiplayer to keep the phones close to each other, only then you can play in the multiplayer mode. This also helps the players to experience the best gaming touch right on their android device. You can avail this game on Google stores or you can also download it with the help of APK files and then just start playing.

Sea Battle 2

If you like the war and water games then you need to know that this particular game is for you. Sea Battle 2 is the perfect warship game that would suit your water game needs for sure. You can simply download the game, of course, this game can also be installed and player in the desktop version as well. There are some great modern features in this particular game that makes it more exciting for the multiplayer who are connected and play in the same servers. As you know that this game is available for free for sure.

8 Pool

This is another popular game that inspires to play pool and of course, consists of some great features and also some great moves that can be even strategized in the real pool game as well. However, you can simply get this app on your Android right from the Google play store. Of course, you should know that the app has some in-app purchases available that can be used and get advanced for sure.

Special Forces Group

This game is pretty much famous when it comes to players and gamers who love playing such battle and warship games though. Not just these battle games there are also other games available on the internet that gives the best experience for the battlefield fans like PUBG. Yes, this game has got a lot of features for sure.


These are some of the best Local Multiplayer Games for Android that you can download for free and enjoy your time. Of course, not just these above-mentioned games, there are more such multiplayer games that you need to know and that you can download and start playing too.


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