If you are wondering whether your 2018’s web hosting provider is still good for you in 2019 or not, this post will clear your doubt or maybe give you the hosting solution that you are still looking for.

Back in 2018, we have tried a lot of web hosting providers + domain registration services. Some failed and some we are still using in 2019 and will continue to use till we find any issue with them. Here you’ll find the list of best of the best web + domain registration service provider that you can trust and rely on.

Best web hosting services for 2019

Note: This is not a promotional post, you might find our affiliate links added below the service providers; that just for helping us to try the stuff and share the experience with you.


SiteGround is one hell of a great web hosting provider that offers powerful web hosting services at a very affordable price. Their plan starts from just $47.40 which goes up to $143.40 per year. Most of the web host provides free domain registration with a yearly plan, but it’s not the case here. As well as the WordPress web hosting SiteGround also offers Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting which is great for your E-commerce website or to handle a bigger audience.

If you want to try their 30 days carefree plan when they’ll give you 100% money back in case you don’t really like their service; go through the button added below which will add the best possible offers to your cart automatically.


Without GoDaddy out list will be nothing. GoDaddy is known to everyone for its great domain registration service buy many of you maybe don’t know that they also provide hosting services. As well as Managed WordPress hosting, GoDaddy has Linux/ Windows/ Dedicated hosting plans which are suitable for everyone in the market.

If you have just started and looking for the best web hosting you can go with GoDaddy which also gives you a free domain with their yearly plan. Managed WordPress hosting by GoDaddy can easily handle thousands of visitors monthly and provide you with the best and updated security.

The best thing about GoDaddy is that their Live Chat Support team. Doesn’t matter if you are their customer or not, they’ll try to help you with every confusion and even if you face any issue with their hosting, you can solve it over the chat only without doing long phone calls.

You should definitely check out their offers which can be valid going through the link added below.


You just can’t ignore HostGator when it comes to the affordable and reliable web hosting provider. HostGator has been giving us awesome service from a long time with great uptime, instant support, quick tech fix and much more. Their base plan starts from just $31/ year but the sad part is that you don’t get a free domain with it but for just additional $5 you can register a .com domain with the plan or just buy one from someplace cheaper like GoDaddy.

HostGator’s plans are really affordable when it comes to the personal or small blog. If you want to host your E-commerce or the company’s website, of course you can do that but it’ll be better if you choose the dedicated web hosting service by HostGator. A base plan like WordPress hosting can’t handle higher traffic and will give you so much of downtime.

These are the best web hosting services that we can recommend you on 2019. We’ll also keep testing different platforms and once we find any good pick we’ll add it to our list and update the post. Also if you have someone in mind be sure to mention it in the comment space below or share your experience with any weh hosting that you have used or using.

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