Clubhouse drops invite only access, open for everyone on Android and iOS


In the recent turn of events, Clubhouse has dropped its invite-only access and is now open to the public on both android and iOS. Clubhouse is an audio-driven app that has garnered lots of attention since its launch last year. 

The app developers have been thriving to tend to the needs of their customers. 

On July 14th, 2021, Clubhouse launched its official one-to-one direct and group message update called backchannel. With the direct message update rolling out, the next most in-demand feature was rolling out the updates to each and everyone alike. 

Since the launch of the direct message update, over 90 million text or direct message has been exchanged between people. This is because before it was open to the public, Clubhouse was running the beta-version first only for iOS users.

Later on, it was made available to android users as well but through an invite-only strategy. Clubhouse is a great app for business owners to establish their identity and target potential audiences.  

And amidst the pandemic, it has seen exponential growth and more downloads every single day. According to statistics, there are over 2 million users that are actively using Clubhouse with downloads up to 5 million. 

Influencers have been urging their followers to follow Clubhouse for more of their exclusive content. Words are in that the developers of Clubhouse will be rolling out updates every one to two weeks from now. 

Many celebrities have been known to be active on Clubhouse and it really is the driving factor for more people joining in on the game. The hype is that you can actually listen to your favorite celebrities talking candidly in real-time when you join their club.

Clubhouse has had a high success rate till now and will continue to reach greater heights because they tend to their audience’s needs and demands so well.


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