Clubhouse Launched Direct Messaging Feature


This Wednesday, on 14th July 2021 Clubhouse launched its official one-to-one direct message and group chat update. 

The new update is called backchannel and the members of Clubhouse are more than happy for the update as this allows you to chat with your friends even after the room session has expired. 

This is because the direct messaging feature was one of the most requested updates people wanted them to work on.

Clubhouse is the invite-only social media platform that is still running its beta version. 

Even with the beta version, the app is doing pretty well in the social media platform market. 

With its android version launched just recently, Clubhouse has seen about more than a million users joining the platform. 

Earlier before the update of Backchannel rolled out, Clubhouse was an audio/voice based social platform. 

Clubhouse has been a great way for business and people for establishing their brand identity and also to spend some time interacting with people. 

As it was launched amidst the pandemic, Clubhouse has seen an exponential growth because people always turn to social media to pass their time. 

Gradually, it has become like most of the social platforms where people can interact with each other. 

It is still an invite only platform and Clubhouse has not updated us the official launch of the app. 

As of now we do not know when it is going to go live for everyone. 

But everyone is expecting the official release soon enough because right now Clubhouse is getting too much hype and is making the general public more curious from time to time. 

Many reputed personalities have joined Clubhouse like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Ashton Kutcher, Drake, etc. 

All these celebrities joining in has increase the hype as people can listen to them talk candidly in real-time. 

And with the new update of direct message rolled out, it is safe to say that people are eagerly waiting for the official launch of Clubhouse.


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