Father.IO APK Free Download for Android [#Latest Version]


Father.IO is a fantastic and real world interaction action game that is available to download and play on Android devices for free. On the game, you get to claim your territory, and of course, you do need GPS and internet connection to play. Father.IO is a first person shooter Action game, but unlike other action games, you can play Father.IO on real life map, on your actual location. Here you’ll get to download the latest and always updated Father.IO APK file for your Android device.

Father.IO is still in beta version, so don’t expect much from it, but you can still test or even play the game with a good internet connection, and GPS enabled. The game uses your area’s Map to play the game, which is similar to the concept of Pokemon Go, but this is a real life action game, where you get’s to play with your friend and shoot them to score. Below I have added the official demo video of the game, be sure to check it.

Father.IO APK Speciality and Features

The main attraction of the game is that it is a real life interaction action first person shooting game. Which means that you get to play Father.IO on your location by enabling the GPS and internet connection and also the rear camera to find your enemy (friends) and kill them virtually.

Killing your enemy will give you score and other resources, and you can also claim your enemy territory and expand your own.

  • Father.IO is a first person shooter game
  • Real life interaction
  • Claim enemy territory and expand your
  • Upgrade weapon and other necessary things
  • Play with your friends
  • Turn on GPS and play on your location

The game is still in development stage, and it is available on Google Play Store fo as an unreleased game. You can still download it from Play Store and test it, or alternatively, you can go with the Father.IO APK file provided below.

Father.IO APK Free Download [Latest Version]

I have already mentioned that the game is also available on Google Play Store to download for free, but if you are looking for the APK file of the game, you can use the APK download option provided below.

By making the download process straightforward and easy, I have added the direct download link for the Father.IO APK file. Here all you need to do is click on the download button added below, and it’ll automatically start downloading the file.

If you like to install the game from Google Play Store, please use the official download page widget added below and start installing the game for free.

Father.IO AR Laser Tag
Father.IO AR Laser Tag
Developer: Proxy42 Inc
Price: Free

If you have downloaded the Father.IO APK file and need assistance with installing it on your device, please follow the APK installation guide added below.

How to Install Father.IO APK on Android

Before proceeding to the installation steps, make sure that you have downloaded the Father.IO APK file from the link added above.

Step 1: To install any APK file on Android device, at first you’ll need to enable the unknown sources option. If you have already enabled the option, then you can skip this step or if not just follow the direction added below to enable Unknown sources on your device.

>Phone settings>Security>Unknown sources>Enable it

That’s it.

Step 2: On the second step, you’ll need to install the file. Go to the download folder where you have stored the Father.IO APK file and click on the name of the file. Now It’ll give you an option to install or cancel. Hit the Install button, and the game will start installing on your device.

The process will take a few seconds and once it completes you’ll be able to use or play the game just like other app or games.


Thanks for downloading Father.IO APK file from here, if you face any trouble with installing the game on your device make sure that you have followed the steps mentioned above correctly. No doubt that Father.IO has some bugs or issue. As it is in beta stage bugs are normal but still Father.IO is great, I mean awesome game to play with your friends and pass your time by doing some real activity.


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