Google Pixel 4a Will Reportedly Ditch the Active Edge


Since its inception, the Google Pixel series has been sticking to the same naming convention. With that in view, along with the leaks we’ve seen before, there’s no question about the name of the next mid-range entry in the series despite getting more storage, Google Pixel 4a would be cheaper than last year’s Pixel 3a. Soon, you can order it online and get it delivered through an eCommerce courier service. Everything comes at a price, indeed, so it wouldn’t come as shocking to see Google cut corners on the next mid-ranger.

Well, the first thing that’s going on is the Active Edge feature. This feature started with the Pixel 2 and has since been present on every Pixel phone. The highlight on the pre-release Pixel 4a is reportedly absent. At this time, it’s hard to say if the Pixel 5 will ditch this feature as well.

In turn, Active Edge lets users command Google’s advisor, mute the incoming calls and snooze the alarm clock. You can also rework it to use your choice of an online assistant. You can certainly also use touch inputs to conduct these actions, but sometimes tactile information is quicker and more comfortable.

Reportedly the feature has been substituted with a rear double-tap motion, so fans will not be losing out on it. This new technology is unlikely to require additional equipment and would use the accelerometer and gyroscope, so it’s a win-win. It will enable you to tap the back of the phone twice to perform specific activities, which should be just as good as Active Edge in principle.

In the meantime, Active Edge’s demise may be a positive thing too. The functionality hasn’t been very stable across the Pixel series, with multiple users reporting from time to time that it unintentionally stops working or accidentally triggers.

And in case you’re curious, Google’s still working hard to ensure that the app isn’t mistakenly activated. The feature is expected to expand out to other Android phones in the future, but at first, Pixel handsets are expected to be unique.


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