How Apple and Google will track the coronavirus with Bluetooth – Explained


The outgrowth of pandemic COVID-19 has created a big buzz in the world at this moment. About two million people have already lost their lives due to this pandemic, and millions of more are there on the verge of the same also. The situation is getting worst each day. No vaccine has till invented, and that has leveled up the fear great. The only thing that can help anyone at this moment is social distancing. People are advised to keep a distance of about 6 feet from each other to keep themselves safe from this harsh virus.

Here’s how Apple and Google will track the coronavirus with Bluetooth

Things get quite crucial when one doesn’t have any idea about the level of contamination in his/her area. Apple and Google both have emerged as live saviors at this moment. Ambitions but still potential controversial contact tracing systems have now been designed to help users prevent the spreading of the novel coronavirus. The tools have made it easy to figure out who has had contact with any infected patients. Before leading further with it, we would like to mention here that the details on the system are still slim as we still don’t know how early in development the project is. So, we need to take upon the social distancing measure very seriously.

Companies have chosen up the low energy radio technology Bluetooth as its sole partner. The technology is being used for focusing on shorter bursts of connectivity. The word Bluetooth LE is being used here as it is using less power than that of traditional, continuously transmitting Bluetooth connection. Have you heard it somewhere else? Yes, it is the same technology being used for tracing connected Bluetooth headphones.

The main reason why this technology is being used as a part of the contact tracing system is that it is nearly available in every single modern Smartphone on the market. The technology has done nothing about how costly you currently have a Smartphone. The technology works on the same functionality that is locating and tracking. The power of Bluetooth radio signals is being considered to check out the estimated distance of the infected person from you.

Right from detecting up your nearby connected Bluetooth devices to finding out the rough area of a missed object, there are a lot more areas where this Bluetooth LE technology can be effortlessly used. The only thing where Bluetooth LE fails is the extraction of exact physical location. Moreover, interference can be another issue that can obstruct your way.

To avoid any failure in detecting infected people and contacted people’s history, Apple and Google are already taking different aspects. The level of precision and range are some other things where Apple and Google are currently working on. Notifying everyone who is being infected or being in contact with the infected person from the coronavirus within 100 feet is surely not useful, but this can even cause alertness among the people so that they can take appropriate precautionary measures to deal with the situation.


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