Quibi adds Chromecast Support for Watching Shows on a Big Screen


There’s a new update in the Quibi streaming service so that streaming should also be supported in television by the use of Google Chromecast. Quibi is the best streaming service having a bunch of original content or videos, but only mobile phones support this. Due to this lock-down, all the people sitting at their homes want to watch shows on their TV; that’s why Quibi made this update.

The latest update, on Tuesday, shows up two or three weeks after Quibi included the AirPlay support, which at that time was preferred for streaming its shows and original content videos beyond a mobile screen.

As of Tuesday evening, the Android form of the application, which was refreshed on May 20th, doesn’t support Chromecast.

When Quibi was launched, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t become that famous. People didn’t show any interest in its launch. And at this time, when lots of people are sitting in home and streaming different services, Quibi’s marketing has failed to break through other streaming apps audiences and very little content appears to be taking off.

At the beginning of the launch, there are near about 1.7 million downloads, but that was just because of the largely free subscription promotion. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the co-founder was blaming pandemic for its struggles.

“I attribute everything that has gone wrong to coronavirus”, the co-founder told the press. As of early May, Quibi had less than 1.5 million subscribers.

The main reason behind this Quibi’s lukewarm launch is the lack of limitations on the app. The first thing is that it only supports mobile phones and not TV. And it also doesn’t allow the subscribers to take a screenshot or record a particular show so that they can share on any social media platform.

The corporate took more than a month to launch AirPlay Assist, but now after two months from the launch of Quibi, they are giving Chromecast Assist too. In any case, the corporate still can’t seem to put out committed Quibi applications for Amazon Fire gadgets, Roku, or other streaming platforms.

During the present times, the best way to stream Quibi on the big screen is to utilize a mirroring feature from Apple or Google.


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