Skype’s new Meet now feature lets to chat with anyone, no account needed


In this pandemic situation, Video chatting companies are booming with users. Companies are trying to keep their position up, releasing new user-friendly features. Recently Skype has introduced a new feature, “Meet now,” where you can chat with anyone with or without an account.

Open Skype, and on the sidebar, you’ll find the new option, “Meet now.” Click on that option, and you’ll get your basic Video + audio controls and a pre-generated URL to invite users to the chat.

After sharing the pre-generated unique link, when a user clicks on it, he or she’ll get an option similar to the screenshot shared below. The user can join as a guest where you’ll have to type in your name, or you can create a skype account or sign in with your existing one.

Just like a standard call joining as a guest will also give you almost all the options during a call or meeting. You can open recent chats, view the participants, share the Meet now link, record the call, mute/unmute the microphone, turn Video on/off, end the call, open the conversation, share screen, send a reaction to the call.


Meet now is another way to quickly connect with your team or someone working from home or friends or family without having to create an account.


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