Tiktok moves forward to win the game over COVID-19, pledged $250M


The dark time we are facing at present may be the greatest threat our world has ever faced. The time demands our unity to face and fight this global crisis caused by the violent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus. In this hard time, Tiktok, the fast-emerging mobile video app, has joined hands with all of us to fulfill its duty towards humanity and pledged to contribute $250 million over various initiatives to fight Coronavirus.

Alex Zhu, the President of Tiktok, thinks it in the way that,

Tiktok has to play its part in the global outpouring of mutual support. It is their wish to magnify all they see across the community, and they hope to convert it into relief for those most affected by this crisis.

So, Tiktok has pledged to donate $250 million in total which will support various sectors in a million ways.

This donation is going to be split into several parts, as follows:

  • The most significant part of $150 million is known as the ‘Health Heroes relief fund’. It will support ‘front-line medical workers’, medical staff, medical supplies. It will provide some relief to the hardship of healthcare workers with the help of the World Health Organization, and organizations that are assisting the countries like India, Indonesia, Italy and South Korea.
  • Then there is ‘Community relief fund’.This fund of $40 million will be there to support TikTok’s diverse user communities like musicians, artists, nurses, educators, and families who, though affected by the crisis, are there to help Tiktok by their support.
  • Tiktok also promised to match up to $10 million in donations from its user community which will support initiatives launched by Tiktok users.
  • The “Creative Learning fund of $50 million” will support the initiatives of Educators and Non-Profits who are working hard to provide Distance learning facilities during this situation of Global lockdown.

Besides these direct funds, Tiktok has decided to support small and medium-sized businesses struggling to stand on their feet in this situation of the global pandemic, by providing $100 million in AD Credits. Moreover, $25 million will be allocated in the “prominent in-feed ad space” to support NGOs, Health Authorities, Local Authorities so that they can deliver health messages in the app.

As well as funds, Tiktok has also fulfilled its responsibility in spreading awareness and proper information among users. You can watch live programs conducted by representatives of WHO and other famous medical personalities and can learn all you need to know about COVID-19. You will find a section in Tiktok dedicated to COVID-19 on Tiktok’s safety centre. Due to its partnership with creators on campaigns like #HappyAtHome, now you can watch a live program airing at 8:00 PM ET/ 5:00 PM PT on Fridays. You will also find other themed experiences during weekdays.

This support from leading brands like Tiktok encourages us to fight this crisis with all our efforts. This unity brings hope in our mind, we can dream of a better world, a better community without these worries.


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