Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Overview – The Competition King


The privately owned multinational giant Xiaomi develops featured smartphones, consumer electronics and fitness trackers at an amazing price range. The company is particularly dedicated in manufacturing Android-based Smartphones and Tablets – MI UI. With enormous flash sales all over the Indian subcontinent, Xiaomi is once again in the news because of its latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro launch. The users of Xiaomi are very much excited to know about its features and specifications.

February 2018 witnessed the launch of the smartphone in E-commerce website and offline digital market. As a brand, Xiaomi has successfully thrived all over the world by becoming a global smartphone vendor. It is quite impressing to see how the brand acquired the entire Tech market within just 3 years. In fact, Xiaomi smartphones have given a tough competition to brands like Apple and Samsung through the value for money and interesting features.

Talking about smartphone review, we all saw so many smartphones got released with a taller screen in 2017. However, they had minimal features and somewhat higher prices which did not allow people to own them. Currently, Xiaomi envisaged the requirement of having a longer screen smartphone at a budget limit and came up with the amazing Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro in the market.

Ranked among to the best smartphone sellers, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is expected to give an enormous competition to 2018 launches. The powerful model comes with appreciable camera qualities Snapdragon 636 mobile Platform full HD display and several other important features.

Design and build

If you have a look at the Front side of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, it has those prominent curved corners on 18: ratio display. The visible borders are comparatively thicker towards the bottom and the top of the smartphone. With an overall weight of 181 gram, the phone is slightly heavier than the normal models available at this price range. However, you can remain to rest assured that it’s the substantiality of the integrals which keeps Xiaomi phones slightly heavy. The durability and better quality come with the substantial intricacies and better than the rest of smartphone models.

The metal back finishes and the large battery form the major reason why the smartphone has slightly more weight. The gold and white trim looks quite amazing. However, you have an alternate choice in the form of rose gold, black and blue color.


The overall display size of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is 5.99 inch with HD plus resolution. The screen is slightly wider than a standard smartphone because of the full HD feature. Xiaomi brags about the maximum brightness level of 450 units in the smartphone. In simple words, you can conveniently work in the smartphone and bright sunlight. So the frequent Travelers and market researches can always put their fingers on a smartphone like this.

Xiaomi has recently started integrating Gorilla glasses in its smartphone models. The frequent complaint of screen cracking compelled the company to pay attention towards the glass protection. It is noteworthy that no capacitive buttons are present in the smartphone. The model comes with on-screen navigation buttons. We also get a beautiful front facing camera that has a diffused selfie flash, sensors and ear piece.

The power and the volume buttons just like any other smartphone are located on the right-hand side of the model. If you are holding the phone normally, they become slightly out of reach. The solid built keeps you in peace. The IR emitter present in this particular model resembles the previous versions of Xiaomi mobile phones. The bottom of the model embeds a 3.5 mm headphone socket, speaker, micro USB port and microphone. The speaker grill is loud enough to let you enjoy the sound of music, videos and games. However, we got slightly disappointed with the absence of type – C port as it was much expected this time. The pro model would have been much appreciated if it would have got the newer connector. The hybrid dual sim slot lets you accompany the smartphone with Nano SIM cards and micro SD card of up to 128 GB. So you don’t have to worry if in case you have a love for large sized games, old songs, new songs and movies. The enormous internal memory accompanied with huge external storage capacity would let you enjoy it all.

The metallic back cover reminds us of Redmi Note 4 model that came with Matte finish. With fingerprint sensor you can comfortably hold your phone for quick authentication. The noticeable camera bump makes the appearance of the smartphone all the more energizing. Special attention to the overall appearance has been paid so that the pro model indeed looks like a premium version of Xiaomi handsets. The dual camera sensors come up with dual LED flash so that the selfies are always impressive and bright for a social media upload. The bump of the camera lets the camera rest at a particular angle on a flat surface. Just like all the other handsets of Redmi, this particular model is also designed with a plain back with a single printed MI logo towards the lower end.

The test unit was received without any packaging. Xiaomiconveyed us that buyers can expect the overall packing of this Smartphone to resemble from Redmi note 5 models. The silicone case, as well as standard charges, would be available along with the normal handset in the entire packing.

The smart phone is slightly tall which makes it quite challenging to fit it in the pants and pockets. However, if you are a female who carries a nice spacious purse, you can easily carry the handset in it. The width of the phone has been made manageable so that you can easily grip it with a single hand. In fact, within just a few days, you will get accustomed to the heavy weight of the phone and begin loving the overall specifications it has.

Specifications and Features

Surpassing the previous successorsRedmi note 5 Pro is a true performer. Redmi Note 3 has already stimulated the Expectations of the customers by delivering outstanding performance at a price of 15000 min. And Xiaomi Note 5 again proved it by satisfying the customers yet once again. This time, Xiaomi has integrated the very astonishing Snapdragon 636 mobile platform in the current smartphone. The integration of the power processor has announced already in last October 2017. The clock speed of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is 1.8 gigahertz that is divided into 12 clusters of 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. Similar to Snapdragon 630 soc on Moto X4, the smartphone has similar features but with slightly better CPU performance. The faster Adreno 509 GPU and shows the better workability of the model than any other smartphone launched so far.

The Qualcomm processor gives you an amazing gaming experience when you compare it with Adreno 508 and Snapdragon 630 processor. The received unit came with a beta build Xiaomi MI UI software.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is available in 6 GB and 4 GB RAM models. The external storage capacity has a limit of 128 GB in both. The Bluetooth 5, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 AC, USB – OTG support and sensor including a gyroscope and four G LTE and volte support makes the Smartphone all-rounder competition kings.

Operating system

The operating system of the smartphone is based on the 7.1 nougat which is slightly disappointing. Xiaomi should have integrated Oreo update in the pro version as of now. Also, if you carefully look towards the security of the device, it is not up to Mark and left us slightly astonished.

The icon set appears polished in several pastel shades. The user interface has smooth functionality with an instant response on touch. The home screen is beautifully managed and we did not see any backdrops or problematic stimulations. However, the animations were just average and a maximum of the home screen is dedicated to provide card style updates, app shortcuts, cricket scores, calendar events and quick notes. You can also see a shortcut for Ola which lets you book instant Cabs directly through the home screen. However, you need to install the full-fledged application through the Play Store Before initiating any such move.

The pre-installed applications are just fine and usable. Neither there are excessive apps, not the phone has been left vacant. The overall pre-stored data in the smartphone is balanced and well managed. Also, you will see MI community and MI store that can get uninstalled with a single click.

The setting option submenu avails free data calling through Wi-Fi. You can check UI theme, use app lock, and click pictures, set shortcut, use fingerprint sensor camera and flashlight right from the home screen of the device. The MI UI features such as quick ball are just similar to the assistive touch features present in Apple smartphones. Moreover, dual apps and one-handed mode further add up functionality to the device. The dual application allows you to create multiple accounts with different names and information.

The full-screen mode comes with a navigation bar and auto hide feature for a more energizing experience. By signing up for MI account, you will be getting free GB free cloud storage for backing up calendar, notes, contacts and messages. 

Overall performance, battery life and camera

The 4 GB RAM variant was tested by us to check out the overall performance. And we were happy to see that the smartphone worked with a lot of resilience. The speaker grill is loud enough for call alert and music player. Also the call receiving option, graphics and media playback is good enough. The phone remains absolutely cool during the gaming and the heavy camera usage.

If you have an affinity for playback media, Xiaomi is the smartphone for best video apps and music player. The Google has media players that come preinstalled for a user Rich experience. The MX Player is absolutely free and lets you play high-quality digital videos as flawlessly as possible. The audio enhancement features can be activated through the settings app. The quality of the audio is better through the headphone and can be altered with the help of preset tune.

Camera quality

The Xiaomi camera has given a tough competition to Apple iPhone ever since its launch. So we can naturally expect the Redmi note 5 pro cameras to be pretty amazing. The back side of the phone plants for a 12-megapixel camera that is capacitated with 1.25 Micron pixels which sensor of f/2.2 apertures. On the other hand, the secondary camera is around 5 megapixels which decently works to capture good selfies.

On shooting pictures, we were unable to get sufficiently sharp images. However, we had to struggle a lot in the absence of Sunlight as the colors of the images were quite faded. The inbuilt HDR does not automatically captivate the pictures in case of the back camera. You have to manually click the pictures and bear with the average quality imagery.

Talking about the autofocus, it was efficient enough to record videos. The 10 second of video shooting gave us satisfactory results. Also, when we clicked pictures in panorama mode, it was quite efficient in stitching multiple frames together. The manual mode imparts Limited functionality to alter the white balance and ISO.

The 20 Megapixel sensor located at the front of the smartphone captivates detailed selfies during daylight. We were not much impressed by the HDR as it wasn’t efficient enough. The depth-mode of Xiaomi uses artificial intelligent algorithms for edge detection. You may need beautification application if you click the pictures in low light.


Redmi note 5 Pro is a phone with 4000MAH battery power. The battery easily lasted for more than one day when we plugged into hundred percent battery levels. The Qualcomm quick charge power adaptor immediately charges the phone and displays a notification after the phone has been charged.


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